Ladies, download the FREE workbook and start decluttering your home and your life. Start small and if you struggle with decluttering, give yourself 15 minutes each day and build on it. See how much you can declutter in 7 days. Please watch the video and read the info below. We will be in touch with new challenges and if you have any questions, please email
Universal Love and Light.
With Gratitude as always.
Anita & Sunita xx

Are you fed up of stuff in your head and in your home?
Do you want to declutter but don't have the motivation?
What if we said you could make some money selling stuff you no longer need and you'd feel so much better for it?

We are Anita and Sunita of Crimson Catz. I (Anita) am a Professional Declutter and Feng Shui Consultant, Law of Attraction Master Coach for Female Professionals. Sunita is a Spiritual Wellness and Eclectic Therapist, also a Creative Design Consultant in video and music. We found many women hold on to emotional baggage, things and people that have no purpose in their life. Sometimes it's due to fear of letting go and not knowing what will happen when you do let go.

Anita (that's me) loves clearing out, I tend to do one every 6 months. A few years ago I had to do a MAJOR 10 years worth of stuff clear out in under 5 days! I did it and had some help from Sunita. From that, I stored stuff, gave stuff away, binned stuff and SOLD stuff, which was great as the extra cash came in handy. Recently I sold some stuff and made a few £££s. You can too but you have to make the effort.

As Yoga instructors and teachers, we practise Aparigraha. This is the 5th principle out of 5 under Yamas. Yamas means how we conduct ourselves and is also the first limb out of eight in Yoga. Aparigraha means non-possessiveness, non-hoarding, non-grasping.

All you need to do to get started is to pop in your details and hit the submit button below to download your FREE workbook. See this as a taster to what you can achieve when doing regular clear outs. Read and fill out the pages as you go. Think about what you are holding on to and why? Note everything down and keep the workbook as a reference for your future clear outs.

TIP: When you sell your stuff, do ensure you check out the t's and c's on websites and apps. Remember The Laws of Karma, giving and receiving. Give stuff to charity. Help someone by giving them something you no longer need. Bin or recycle stuff properly.
You may receive money, help from an unknown source, new opportunities, new people, new job etc When you do receive, have gratitude and you will receive more. treat a loved one, save some money and donate to a worthy cause.  

Remember everything is energy.

Universal love and light
With Gratitude as always
Anita and Sunita xx