Complementary Therapies

Chakraromatherapy massage  
Investment: £60
Time: 1 hour
Description: Chakras are the cogs which spin within our energy system in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion. When there is a block, we feel pain or imbalance of our four rooms; These are our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual rooms which need to reconnect and give us a form of stability within. There are seven key chakras which are based along the spine, however, we have over 128 chakras of different sizes functioning around our body.

I work with your seven chakras, but may also connect with your SoulStar chakra (white light) above your crown and your EarthStar chakra (brown light) below your feet.

Depending on the outcome of your Chakra card reading and perhaps by the colours you're wearing, one or more of the following chakras will be worked on.

Root - tip of spine - red
Sacral - pelvic area - orange
Solar plexus - just above the tummy -yellow
Heart - chamber one or chamber two -green or pink
Throat - turquoise blue
Third eye - between the brows - indigo
Crown - above the head - violet

Essential oils which relate to the chosen chakra(s) are then blended into a carrier oil and the session is carried out. Please be aware that this is a full body massage with light to medium pressure and is for women only.

Back, neck & shoulder massage
Investment: £35
Time: 30 minutes
Description: Fibrositis commonly known as 'knots' are usually accumulated in these areas due to everyday stress. Intense massage movements reduce the problem, but ongoing treatment may be needed.

Back, neck & shoulder massage 
Investment: The Quarterly sessions: £35 per session, £105 block booking only.
Time: 30 minutes per session
Description:  As above and this is a great way to maintain your physical, emotional and mental health. You also have the benefits of gaining 10% your Rapid Neurofascial Reset therapy session, or turning one of your BNS sessions into a Rapid session and still receiving 10% off the difference - how fab is that?
 Interested? Email with 'BNS Quarterly sessions' in the subject bar.