Course Summary

Have you ever wondered how people are getting their dream job, relationship, or attracting loads of money? This step-by-step course will help you attract abundance and prosperity into your life!

Testimonial: I really enjoyed this course, although I did find the modules on self-love and mindset a bit of a struggle so it took me a little longer than I thought it would to get through it. I was lucky enough to get the FREE 121 session with Anita as I had many questions to ask, I also received good guidance too. Anita also checks up on us via email incase I needed help, something I haven't received with other courses. I have been manifesting using a few methods that I was able to manage to carry on with as I've a busy schedule. I have manifested small winnings and I'll keep going with this. It's also great that I can access the course whenever I need it.

R.H. x  

Testimonial: The Law of Attraction is something I have know about for many years but never knew how to put it into practice. I have worked with Anita in the past attending her personal training and fitness classes so when I heard about this course I had no hesitation in signing up. Anita has drawn on her personal experiences on using the LOA to achieve her goals and shares her hints and tips to successful manifesting. The course details the various methods that can be used, either singularly or as a combination. From day one of this course I have seen an improvement in my personal well being, confidence and positivity from daily affirmations. I have also had a few small monetary wins and it has only been just over two months. I'm still trying all the different methods to see which suits me best but this course is there 24 hours a day for as long as I need it. What doesn't resonate today I can revisit another time. Enjoy the process, be patient and believe.....
Angie xx

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