How to Attract Abundance and Prosperity using the Law of Attraction.


Ladies. this is for you if you are looking to gain your dream job, a happy relationship, or even wish to attract loads of money? This step-by-step course will help you attract abundance and prosperity into your life!

Let me tell you my story...

Growing up, I was into crystals, their meanings and powers of healing, understanding our late dad's 'healing' energy and his 'light working' in order to help others, it all intrigued me. At the age of 15, I was into Feng Shui and dowsing, and every Sunday night I would sit on Sunita's bed and she would read my Tarot cards for me. Over time certain people started to use manipulation in order to control me, expecting me to be a 'people pleaser'. First I didn't notice, I was at their beckoned call. Over time I realised what was going on and if I refused to adhere to it, there would be hell to pay.  

From then on I seemed to attract toxic people and some jobs where I would be bullied because I would be a threat to them, although I did address this and win, it also made me ill not to mentioned so stressed, I had to take time off work.    

Over time, I lost my crystals and from then on I started to have a 'scarcity' mindset all the time, a lack of self-confidence and self-acceptance, I also believed what my parent's had said in the past regarding money, and how you would have to work hard in order to obtain it. It also got to a point I was too fearful to buy things, wondering where the next penny was coming from. I also attracted toxic relationships, I never realised I would attract like for like, I never knew there was such a thing as The Law of Attraction!    

In 2011, my twin sister mentioned the Law of Attraction, at that time I was in a toxic environment and I had been in the last few years, nothing had changed and I couldn't see a way out. I started to read up on it, and I started to believe in myself and what I could achieve. It took me a while to get my head around it, and where there were opportunities to change my circumstances, I kept stepping back in fear! Within that time, I found I was perimenopausal, and I was struggling. I needed to find a way of managing my symptoms, my G.P. was rubbish so I had to research everything about the menopause. A few years later I qualified in 'Women in 3rd age' and 'Hysterectomy health.    

In 2012, we lost our dear Daddakins, I was dealing with grief and still in a toxic environment, I found every excuse to stay out late for work, I dreaded going home as I never knew what to expect on arrival. I still did my affirmations, visualisations etc and again, the Universe gave me a way out. I would panic and talk myself out of acting on it.  

Over time I was getting stronger, and started to plan everything, close myself off to negative energy until 2015 when that year became dark, and I mean really DARK! It was time to step our of the shadow of my fears and scarcity mindset and forwards into the light of opportunities, possibilities and happiness.  

Finally (after a decade), in 2016 I broke free from a toxic person and environment, and it was scary, but freeing at the same time, the time in-between. I felt I had lost my identity and purpose even when I would visualise myself getting out of the situation and the conversations that I would have.  

As I started to declutter, I also manifested a place to live temporarily, and the more I decluttered, the more things were changing in my favour. When I did move, our business soared, my energy had changed, and I also found all of my crystals and they found me!  It wasn't until I qualified as a Meditation Host, I went through an Akashic Records meditation session, I found my soul names.

I had two more (house) moves and I kept manifesting, to then find a better place to live, I then implemented Feng Shui principles, I also helped friends and family declutter their homes and lives. I accumulated more money, more opportunities, and I started to coach women who had gone through the same thing. I continued to incorporate Yoga and meditation within my own daily practise as well as teach others. As I work with the moon (La Luna) and nature's energy, I'm also known as a 'Sea Witch'.  

In 2018 and with my new found identity and purpose, I chose one of my soul name's for my surname, with this I had no attachment to anyone,  no-one could control me and I could be my authentic self!    

In 2020 I self-published my book 'Life, Love & Libido's on Amazon. This book is based on five real-life scenarios I had been through and I'm sure women around the world had also done so too and still are, for example, toxic relationships, a couple coping with the menopause, self-discovery etc.    

In 2021, I also created and launched this course "How to Manifest Abundance and Prosperity using The Law of Attraction".  Overall what I realised was, by using Feng Shui, Decluttering and The Law of Attraction, anything is possible and miracles do exist!  

Are you ready to live a life you have always dreamed of? Let me help you 'Turn YOUR Life Around' and attract the Abundance and Prosperity you deserve.  

Universal Love & Harmony, Anita x  
Professional Spiritual Wellness Declutterer and Feng Shui Consultant.  Law of Attraction Master Coach for Women.  


Ladies, this is for you if you are looking to gain your dream job, a happy relationship, or even wish to attract loads of money? This step-by-step course will help you attract abundance and prosperity into your life!

Do the course at your own pace, but remember, the more action you take, the more you can manifest/gain results.  

The only reason you would fail is if you don't action each of the modules. If you do only one of the modules, it won't give you the full benefit and therefore it's advisable to do the entire course. You're also in the 'Community', so you will be able to connect with me with any questions you have.  

Yes, after you have completed the entire course. You will be able to add your name to the certificate and print it out.

Videos accompany the pdf downloads, so you know I'm with you all the way, and some of these vids include instructions and further knowledge.

Pdf downloads are included in this course and they contain plenty of info and practical work for you to do.

The three audio files for the meditation sessions based on money, health and 'I AM' affirmations can also be downloaded.


I really enjoyed this course, although I did find the modules on self-love and mindset a bit of a struggle so it took me a little longer than I thought it would to get through it. I was lucky enough to get the FREE 121 session with Anita as I had many questions to ask, I also received good guidance too. Anita also checks up on us via email incase I needed help, something I haven't received with other courses. I have been manifesting using a few methods that I was able to manage to carry on with as I've a busy schedule. I have manifested small winnings and I'll keep going with this. It's also great that I can access the course whenever I need it.

R.H. x  

The Law of Attraction is something I have know about for many years but never knew how to put it into practice. I have worked with Anita in the past attending her personal training and fitness classes so when I heard about this course I had no hesitation in signing up. Anita has drawn on her personal experiences on using the LOA to achieve her goals and shares her hints and tips to successful manifesting. The course details the various methods that can be used, either singularly or as a combination. From day one of this course I have seen an improvement in my personal well being, confidence and positivity from daily affirmations. I have also had a few small monetary wins and it has only been just over two months. I'm still trying all the different methods to see which suits me best but this course is there 24 hours a day for as long as I need it. What doesn't resonate today I can revisit another time. Enjoy the process, be patient and believe.....
Angie xx

I just wanted to give an update on the 'How to attract Abundance and Prosperity using The Law of Attraction' course.  It is over 16 months since I completed this course and I have continued to attract prosperity on a monthly basis with small monetary wins - time to increase my vibration for larger gifts of abundance.

Angie, x