A warm welcome to the Crimson Catz Referral Programme.

Over the years, we have been embracing your kindness because you have been referring clients to us, so we thought it would be a lovely gesture to give you something back!  

How it works 
When YOU as our client, refer a potential NEW client, you will need to tell them to mention your name when they book in online on the health questionnaire or over the phone. You can also let me know by messaging me, Sunita on 07786088126 or email catz@crimsoncatz.com with their full name.  

What happens next? 
Once they have booked in, have paid and have undergone a therapy, or are about to, you will receive a personal 'Money Saving' code which can be used once during the month it was given to you, even if you're booking ahead. The code will expire at the end of the month and yes, it could mean that you have one day to book your therapy in if their booking happens to be nearer the end of the month.  

What will the 'money saving' amount be? 
This will vary from month to month, it could be anything from 5% to 30% or more!  

What therapies are included? 
All therapies, except Coaching, Consulting & Courses which obviously don't fit into that category.

What if I forget to book my session?
It's always best to book straight away, that way, it's done. I won't be able to send out a reminder.  

When does the referral programme start? 
It's live as you read this.

Can the code can be used in conjunction with any other codes that exist or are given out by Crimson Catz for therapies?  
I'm afraid not, but you do have the opportunity to choose which one is ideal for you to use at the time.

Can I give out the code to anyone?
No, you did the work, why would you give it away?
We will also know who has used the codes given out.  

What if I refer more than one person per month? 
The first person who books in, pays, undergoes or is about to have their therapy will be the one who will count towards your 'money saving' code.  

We look forward to seeing you soon & you can book yourself in with us below!

Universal love,

Anita & Sunita, xx

Crimson Catz
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