Tarot Card Readings with Sunita, a.k.a. Sorceress Soren.

Book in with Sunita, a.k.a. Sorceress Soren for your Tarot reading. Choose from a 1 card pull, a 3 card srpread or a 10 card spread.

Ladies, Tarot answers your questions in love and life and can give you a pathway to choose from, and also show you the consequences should your card be reversed, or even a warning.

I do three forms of tarot which have been so popular over the years and as an advanced Tarotist, I do the following readings.

The one card pull which can answer a question, this can then develop into a story.
The three card spread which is your past, present and future.
The ten card/Celtic Cross spread which can be based on what's happening in your life, also self growth or even love life.

You will need to indicate which reading you wish to have on the form, all are at one set investment.

Collective readings can be watched on tiktok via @SorceressSoren and on our YouTube channel @CrimsonCatz.

Tarot can sometimes be so misunderstood and I'm here to clear up a few myths because for someone like me who has been practising Tarot for 30+yrs, let me just say that the cards do not lie and even my outcome was successful! And that's just by me sitting with my twin sis, utilising the cards and BOOM!

The realisation came about a few weeks ago, I have been asked again and again if I would read Tarot cards again or if I do read Tarot cards and I believe it was all confirmed that I would, when my twin wondered why her chest of drawers weren't closing.

Anita investigated further and found a couple of A4 sheets of paper which had tarot info which came true and I hadn't seen that info since the 90's, when I originally started reading tarot.  

It actually started when I was 13, but I only ever read about it and did nothing else, then when I was 16, that's when it all kicked off and I bought a pocket pack of 'Rider Waite' cards, they held the original artwork and then I also bought the 'witches' pack and every Sunday, I would sit my twin sis Anita down with me on my bed and do a 10 card spread reading.  This was an ongoing thing, I helped some of my friends out with their life through readings, and when it was time for me to go to Uni, I took them with me along with all my knowledge of the mystic arts.

At university, I didn't have time for finding 'waitressing' jobs, I had been working as a waitress whilst at college, but thought it more important to actually tackle my studies, so, instead, I read Tarot cards for students who wanted them read and I charged for the readings and also Astrological reports and that was my job. I also read palms too and freaked clients out due to the accuracy, it did tickle me, but I was glad to be of service.

You may wonder where on earth my  other name 'Sorceress Soren' comes from, well, believe me, it's not made up. It occurred after a few happenings, so let me explain, because I want you to know that none of this is a coincidence, my pathway is set for a reason as is yours, should you choose.  

I have a Master 11 lifepath number which is the 'teacher', a high intuition, inner knowing, empathic by nature,  have a natural inclination towards the supernatural, a healer,one with prophetic abilities, but I believe that with that said,it also helps that my twin sis and I are 'Lemurian Blue Rays', the fixers of humans.  We help put you back together again. Our 'late' dad was an Indigo child and a 'healer' himself who was very proud of this and would shout it from the rooftops, so to speak.

In the 90's, I was also part of a Coven of White Witches, and I used to make up love potions using Aroma oils as I was studying the subject and then qualified. I combined this  with the use of spells which could also be recognised as affirmations/intentions and sent this with crystals and the use of the  new  and full moon, two different purposes and this was  to help others get through tough times and to help them gain financially or in love.  I then started writing my own spells and using them, alongside carving Sigils into candles which propelled me to becoming a Sorceress, which was the next step up, anyhow you will know most of this if you have read my book 'Awaken the Aura' and I also was gifted as a Clairaudient/sentient which has really helped so many too and the name Soren came to me in a dream and was confirmed whilst visiting my Akashic records.

Please be aware that Tarot won't give you everything on a plate without you taking any action and I am not here to feed your delulu's (delusions).

 Otherwise, I  look forward to you booking in your session with me.

In loving guidance, Sorceress Soren, x