COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

The policy has been written in terms of the updates we have received via the health and wellness sectors. ‘You’ ‘your’ being and belonging to the client and ‘me’ being the therapist in charge at the time and ‘We’ being management/owners.

Please understand that the following guidelines are to be adhered to and once ‘you’ have ticked the box, it means that ‘you’, the client have read and agreed to the policy and procedure and are not in the likelihood of putting yours or the therapist’s health at risk.

The government have outlined the following: - and at this moment in time, should ‘you’ have any of the following and until there further notice, ‘you’ will not be able to undergo any physical therapy treatments in person, online sessions for certain therapies will be available.

1.1 - People at high risk / clinically extremely vulnerable should have received a letter from the NHS and they include those: - Undergoing chemotherapy / treatment for cancer and those that can affect the immune system i.e. immunotherapy, - Undergoing intense course of radiotherapy for lung cancer - Who have had an organ transplant - Who have blood or bone marrow cancer i.e. leukaemia - Who have had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant within 6 months, or currently taking immunosuppressant medication - Whose Doctor has told them they have a severe lung condition i.e. cystic fibrosis or severe asthma/COPD - Who have a condition or are on medication which means they have a very high risk of getting infections i.e. sickle cell, high doses of steroids - Who have a serious heart condition and are pregnant.

1.2 - People at moderate risk / clinically vulnerable include those who: - Are 70 years or older - Are Pregnant - Have a lung condition (not severe i.e. asthma, emphysema) - Have heart disease i.e. heart failure - Have chronic kidney disease - Have liver disease i.e. hepatitis - Have a condition affecting the brain or nerves i.e. Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis - Have a condition that means they have a high risk of getting infections - Are taking medicine that can affect the immune system (i.e. low doses of steroid’s) - Are very obese (BMI 40+)

1.3 - What are we doing to ensure that our clients are not put at risk? - We have put together a health questionnaire which needs to be completed by the client every single time a therapy is booked. The process is easy as this will be online via ‘Schedule ‘Your’ Appointment’. - Changes made to the environment including the cleaning procedures. - There will be a 30 minute gap between clients to ensure that thorough cleaning takes place, this includes the general highest standards which have always taken place – However, we include all door handles, surfaces which have been touched, the therapy couch will be disinfected before the next client arrives as there will be no fabric/heated fabrics on the couch. - Hands are sanitised before and after each client and during the session, should the ‘therapist’ or ‘you’ the ‘client’ touch the face or blow the nose. - ‘Your’ hands are sanitised before entering the property and prior to leaving the property. - ‘You’ can supply hand sanitiser, otherwise, we will have our own available for ‘you’ to use.

 1.4 - Changes made to the expectations of the clients include - ‘You’ must wear a face mask unless you are medically unable to. - ‘You’ are allowed to bring in ‘your’ own water if you wish to. Online therapies and coaching will continue as ‘we’ have been doing during the partial lockdown. ‘We’ will be wearing PPE, this will include the wearing of a face mask/face shield, and an apron. The apron and the face shield will be cleansed between client appointments.

Ultimately, they state the order for donning PPE is-
 1) Hand hygiene
2) Apron
3) Mask/Face Shield
4) Goggles (if using)
5) Gloves

And the order for doffing your PPE is-
1) Gloves
2) Hand hygiene
3) Apron
4) Goggles (if using)
5) Hand hygiene
6) Mask
7) Hand hygiene

1.5. So, protocol will look like this:-
a) Bookings will take place online, however quarterly monthly bookings will be booked verbally as usual – ‘you’ will be emailed a COVID -19 health questionnaire, this is to be completed and emailed to prior to each session. Payments will take place online, however, where this is not possible, cash will be accepted, and paperwork will be kept online as ‘you’ will be able to add your own e-signature as a jpeg.

b) The ‘therapist’ will call or text you the day before, questioning ‘your’ welfare. If there is any change in ‘your’ health, please let the ‘therapist’ know and have the appointment re-arranged. Permission to work on your glutes (butt) should ‘you’ have chosen the ‘RAPID NR’ treatment has been added to the COVID-19 health questionnaire.

c) The ‘therapist’ will be wearing a face shield/mask and apron when ‘you’ are greeted at the front door and hands will be sanitised.

d) ‘You’ must wear a face mask, unless medically unable to. The mask has to be removed before the treatment. You will need to put this into your bag and put the face mask back on after the treatment.

 e) Upon entering the home, ‘you’ will have your hands sanitised with our or ‘your’ own sanitiser.

 f) Walk through as usual with or without ‘your’ own bottle of water if preferred.

g) When ‘you’ get to the salon, the towels will already be on the couch, so depending on the therapy, ‘you’ will be advised as to what to do next. There are no towels required where the 'Rapid NR treatment is concerned.

h) After the therapy session, you can pop your face mask back on if you choose to and you will be able to wash your hands in the cloakroom before leaving or you can use anti-bac liquid. All handles will already be cleansed before, but they will also be cleansed afterwards alongside a thorough cleanse prior to the next client. The room is ventilated before and after 'you', the client leaves the therapy room.

Please be aware that the policy and procedures are constantly evolving, so it’s important to read the policy and procedures each time you book. Thank you for understanding, we're looking forward to getting back to 'normal' at some point, but in the meantime, we have to follow protocol to keep everyone safe. 


We have been allowed to open since the 12th April 2021.

The procedure remains the same in terms of the paperwork - there is still a COVID-19 pre screening agreement to adhere to when making your booking.   Also upon entering and exiting the premises, you will still need to wear a face mask (unless you have a medical condition which prohibits you from wearing one) and there will be hand sanitizer available.

The cloakroom is cleaned down along with the salon and the room is aerated for 30 minutes as usual between clients.  

Just to make it clear, regardless of whether you have had the first or second vaccination or none at all, everyone will be treated the same. We don't need to see vaccine cards, however in terms of your medical/health questionnaires, the info will need to be updated on there to keep it current and it plays a part of the 'code of ethics/conduct' which we must comply with.  

Once you have had your vaccine, it's advisable not to have any therapies straight away and if you have any therapies booked in and you gain a reaction after the first three days, please contact your doctor and reschedule your appointment.  

Thank you for your patience and support. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!  

Warm wishes, Anita and Sunita - Crimson Catz, xx