An insight to chapter 2 from the book, Life, Love and Libido's.

When you are told you are peri-menopausal while you are trying to conceive. All the symptoms are similar and your doctor can't help you.

The Menopause

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At 38 years old I knew something wasn't right with my body, after so many trips to the endocrine unit and finally diagnosed with being peri-menopausal 4 years after was bad enough but when you are trying to concieve and your pregnancy test keeps coming up as negative but you start to gain weight, deal with hot flushes, cravings and brain fog as well as issues with anger, none of it made sense! 

It also took 4 consultants to then determine why your prolactin levels were sky high, not to mention whether you could have a brain tumour. After having a MRI scan, the results were supposed to come through within 2 weeks, and you are a sitting duck, roll on 6 weeks, you finally receive the results and thankfully that part is negative! Why did it take that long? Well the secretaries were off, now such info should not be held back, a phone call should have been suffice right? 

After finding solutions through trial and error, that would work to reduce the symptoms and becoming qualified in 3rd age, I started to coach women in mid-life, covering exercise, nutrition, hormone balance, stress and so many other things and also The Law of Attraction, self-acceptance and self-confidence. There are other options out there if you are still wanting a baby when in 3rd age, however do talk it through with your partner or/and a professional in this area.

Currently, menopause has been brought to the forefront through celebrities who are or have gone through the 'change', but this subject needs to be spoken about amongst women as a whole instead of it being shoved under the carpet. Rather than having a leaflet passed to you from your G.P. they should be talking about your next steps, if you want to try BHRT (Bio identical hormone replacement therapy) or go down the holistic route and anything else that may help and/or be available. This is 2021, and this needs to be addressed properly!

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