Why I wrote the book 'Life, Love and Libido's and chapter one.

The reason why I wrote this book, an insight to the first chapter which covers 'Instant relationships'. This is part one of a five part blog series.

Why I wrote the book 'Life, Love and Libido's.

I had always wanted to be an author, however, time felt like it was running away from me, I was also so busy with instructing classes, travelling from one place to the other, even as an on-line coach which I had started back in 2016-2017.  March of last year everything came to a stand-still with Covid-19 spreading rapidly the whole world went into the first lock-down. As I scrolled through my notes on my mobile phone, I found a list of to-do's and there it was...write a book on real-life scenarios I had been through in my life up to current.

As a woman in mid-life and serving women also going through the menopause, relationship issues, intimacy problems, I knew this was the right time for it, and of course so did Mother Universe, (yes I coach using the Law of Attraction).

I created characters for these real-life stories, each chapter covered, cheating, instant relationships, toxic relationships, the menopause and self-discovering the big 'O', yes scenarios I've been through and I'm sure, familiar to you too. I also added my take on each chapter.

The Instant Relationship.

Unfortunately back then and still in this day and age, when it comes to the world of dating, not much has changed, probably more slang terms like orbiting, soft launching, roaching, benching, the list is endless but what it really comes down to is communication.

When you date and it all goes well, most of the time it is women who assume as it's all good you are in an exclusive relationship, even before you've left the restaurant, and when it comes to the crunch and you've slept with them, whether it was on the first, second or third date, without talking to your potential, you've created all these ideal scenarios in your head, wondering when he's going to take you to meet his family or better yet whisk you away on holiday. The pattern keeps repeating and nothing else has changed and you are still being the attentive 'girlfriend' while he is probably thinking, well this is as good as I'm wanting it to be and she hasn't said anything so great let's carry on.

When this happens, guess what else happens? Yes, you start to 'people please' and when this happens, your self-worth, self-confidence and self-acceptance lowers, and the more it continues, the worse it gets. Due to this, you start to act clingy, this is where you start to vocalise how you feel and ask why your boyfriend hasn't done X.Y and Z. Your 'boyfriend' is so confused as it's been a while and all of a sudden you have verbal vomited on him. He thought everything was great, no strings, no full on commitment and now he has a crazy person in his midst.

Check out the story and see if the patterns are familiar, check out my take on this chapter and what you can do to break the pattern in Life, Love and Libido's on Amazon.

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