Psychosexual Therapy
Your investment is £75 p.h.
Description: Your session begins with an initial conversation with you, as an individual or with you and your partner as a couple about your sexually related difficulty, which may be regarding sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual functioning (difficulties with desire, arousal, ejaculation/orgasm, pain or satisfaction), disability or illness.  These are just a few examples I can help you with.   Women and couples are welcome to book an on-line session with Anita Amarissa - Dip.psysextherapy MOC, MSFTR, SHTC.    

Psychodynamic Counselling for a Therapy/Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. 
Your investment is £60 p.h.
Description: Psychodynamic counselling for a therapy focuses on the unconscious mind and past experiences and explores your influence on current behaviour. Trauma is also psychological along with physiological and causes impact on the mind and the body.   My approach is 'alternative'/'unconventional' and that’s because, even though I have been taught the ‘text-book’ method, the methods I apply are less clinical, they’re adapted to you, my client because each and every one of you is unique.  Women are welcome to book an on-line or in-person session with Sunita Johal -  FFHT, MICHT, MIFHB, BSYA (Col.) R-NFR(S), Dip. AH. CH.

In some aspects, Art for a Therapy  will also take place.  You do not need to be an artist, nor do you need to be able to draw. Art for a therapy helps you to express your emotions which may be confusing and distressing using various art mediums and it’s very therapeutic. The therapy also helps to foster self-awareness and personal growth.  Art for a Therapy is ideal if you find it hard to demonstrate or release your trauma in words. It’s an alternative but it will never push you to be vocal unless you are willing to be.