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Hi there, I'm Sunita and during my many years in creative design, I've found so many business professionals ask me about branding, the use of colours, design and types of print.

I've seen so many make the mistake of using these four elements incorrectly by not understanding what their brand was or who their niche market was, how to implement colour/achromatics and how to gain the best in print for their website and merchandise, which had them going backwards because they'd attract the wrong people to their business.

Therefore, after a generous amount of feedback, I’ve put together a checklist for FREE that will help business professionals like you to get started, setup or start to think about revamping your business in order to target your ideal target market.

If this sounds like you, if you're struggling with your brand, colour, design and print and you're not attracting the right audience, fill out your details below and download your FREE checklist to get started! Do share the website link with those who may benefit.

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Looking forward to supporting you in your journey.

With Gratitude

Sunita Johal 

Creative Design Consultant.