A warm welcome to the Creative Design Consultancy. 

If you are a Business Professional who is struggling with attracting your audience and creating an online presence using video, and would like me to start creating for you, then you're in the right place! 

Hi there, I'm Sunita Johal, and during my many years in creative design within the commercial/media advertising, graphic and web arena and I've been fortunate to also work in the corporate entertainment, advertising, design, fashion, health, fitness and well-being industry for many, many years utilising my key background and qualifications in graphic/textile/fashion design and Printing Studies and I also won the Optimus Award in Printing Administration too.

However, I've learnt the hard way and come out the other end smiling, because I love what I do and solution finding is very much my forte in life and work.

Within our business, I decided to focus my attention on creating videos as I used to do this from scratch with the use of storyboards, the imagination, scripts from time to time, and it was handy having a vision, it was ideal to see where the story was going or how the graphics and motion should pan out.

It all depended on what message was to come across to the public, the consumer, the customer, the client and it could've been you that was watching those adverts/infomercials. 

I use Canva, Colours and A.I. to create videos and I'm also one of their Empower Community Canvassadors too and alongside this, and as a Music Producer, I produce music which compliments the video. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can work together, why not connect with me?

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With Gratitude

Sunita Johal

Creative Design Consultant - Video & Music Creation. 

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