A warm welcome to the Brandit+Colourit+
(B+C+D+P.) Creative Design Consultancy. If you are a 'Heart Led' business owner, who is struggling with your branding, colours, design and print and wish to attract the right audience right from the get go, you're in the right place!  

Hi there, I'm Sunita Johal, and during my many years in creative design I've found so many entrepreneurs/SME owners/sole traders who are either start-up's or revamping their business, ask me about branding, the use of colours, design and types of print for web and merchandise.

I've seen so many make the mistake of using these four elements incorrectly by not understanding their brand or who their niche market was at the time, nor how to implement colour/achromatics and how to gain the best in print for their website and merchandise, which had them going backwards because they had attracted the wrong clientele to their business.

I've been fortunate to work in the media, corporate entertainment, advertising, design, fashion, health, fitness and well-being industry for many, many years utilising my key background and qualifications in graphic/textile/fashion design and Printing Studies which include B+C+D+P.

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Looking forwards to supporting you in your journey.

With Gratitude

Sunita Johal 

Creative Design Consultant.

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