What could it ever be like to work with me?

I've taught learners from all walks of life about branding, colour, design and print so they can setup their own business. Could it now be your turn?

This blog is the fourth in the series.
"Seven things NOT to do when designing your logo!"

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ver the years I have taught many new learners about branding, colour and design.  This started up even before we started our business in 2009. 

I started with non techie's, and non designers, where I developed an instruction manual to do the basics in design for packaging.  This all took place first in the early 90's for UK Corrugated in the product design department whilst studying for my HND in Printing Studies, then in 1996/7 and it was awesome to do and my first time even delivering not just a design presentation to chefs and catering staff, but also a sales and marketing presentation and also a pitch as to why they should have me be the one who leads them on design and packaging. 

As their offices were in Wellingborough, I decided to develop an instruction guide to design and this was just the basics. They would then call me if they had a problem with 'how to' do something, this was pretty rare which meant that the instructions were working well. 

So, throughout my career, in the very beginning, I was always presenting or demonstrating 'how to' do something regardless of whether it was design or technology, but it was awesome, 
they were some of my key skills.

When I started our business 'Crimson Catz', I was already a 'Make-up artist' alongside a Holistic and Beauty therapist and I really wanted to go into teaching as I had done it before but for an external business. In 2011. I gained my teaching qualification and also my accreditation for my 'Professional Advanced Level Make-up course and over the years up until 2018, I taught men and women make-up artistry, but that's not all.
Colours were at the forefront, as an artist and designer, colour is paramount in any work, including make-up artistry.  You need to know what colours work and which don't. They are the first thing you see and remember and this soon followed in building this aspect into our business. 

Understanding colour was significant and always will be, but then came teaching branding, design and print to the 'creatives' and 'non creatives' so that they could understand the basics of putting a logo design together and implement the branding and colour styles, so even if they needed to work with a graphic or web designer or by themselves, they could do this without the 'fear' of not being able to understand their idea and how to communicate it to anyone.  Some would even ask me to help them to design their logo for a fee and I know that they went away with some form understanding, knowledge and clarity.  I sometimes bump into past learners and they tell me how they've started up their own 'successful' business or are maintaining their current business. 

So, let's see what my learners had to say about working with me! I won't bore you with 100's of them, (yes, I have taught 100's of learners about branding, colour print and design ready for web and physical products). Some of the ladies are mum's, aunt's, business owners, working dad's single parents, entrepreneurs, technophobes, start-ups, some even had English as their second language which isn't a bad thing and so forth.

Lovely words from some of my learners.

I always believe that anyone can do it if they are willing to put the effort in and know that learning should be fun!  

So, get in touch and sign up for the 'VIDIT Membership!' All the learning and sharing will be online, so you won't need to travel anywhere! 

Click me to download your FREE B+C+D+P. Checklist if you are struggling with your brand, colours, design, print and you're attracting the wrong audience!

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Get creative! Click the link to get your FREE 30 day Canva Pro trial!

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