The three things which can help to improve your design!

These are simple ways of improving a design which you may already have neglected. Take it out and check for these three things!

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I'd like you to take out the last piece of design work you thought was utter rubbish and I'd like you to take a look at it.

Now, let's improve it! 

Check the image for symmetry! This is really important, so spatial awareness is paramount as are knowing where your bleed lines are, so ensure that your logo/design isn't falling over the edge or it could simply get cut off when it comes to printing, 'finishing' or even positioning on products and literature.

I just mentioned 'finishing', this is the technical term for the completion of a job when it goes through the process of being cut to size and produced to the client's requirements. Let's give you an example: When you design your business card online, it's put through a process, where the bleed lines are indicated and your design and words should be within the bleed lines.  Once you're happy with this, the programme provides you with a 'proof' and once you sign this off, it goes off to be printed on your choice of material and then it's 'finished' by being cut to size, boxed, packed, and sent to you. 

Also, is your design the correct shape? It doesn't necessarily have to be a square or a rectangle, there are some very successful companies/brands which are led by a circular logo. It all depends on your brand and you!

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
Give it a go!

2) Look at your colours, do they work well together?  Simply by putting a secondary colour with a primary one can not only change the look, but also improve the way it looks to the eye. 
Now, if you have no idea about colour, it would be wise to ask someone who works or has some form of colour training to take a look. While they're busy with helping you, it's wise to learn to understand colours and how they work together. 

There are warm and cool colours, this simply means that some colours tend to have more yellow in them to make them warm and the others have more blue in them to make them cool. So, finding balance in the use of cool and warm colours can make all the difference to your brand and to your design. I've added an image of a paint palette so you can distinguish what colours are warm and cool. I have left one with a question mark because I want you to work it out and add your answer to the comments area. 

3) Change your font, if you can't read it, how will others be able to read it? A clear font which works with your branding is going to make it easy for your logo design/design to stand out. The font needs to be the right size and have the correct 'leading'. You may be asking what on earth is 'leading' - well, it's the space between lines. Sometimes it's overlooked because it's not known how to change it. Therefore, the words tend to sit on each other rather than have their own space. 
You will hear several words used in replace of 'font' by those in the design field. They include typeface, face, typography, type style, pica, typesetting and there are many more. 

So, with these three things in mind, get to it! 

Click me to download your FREE B+C+D+P. Checklist if you are struggling with your brand, colours, design, print and you're attracting the wrong audience!

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