How I came to start up the Creative Design Membership. for 'Heart Led' business owners.

Hey there, find out a bit more about my background in branding, colour, design and print and why I have created a membership.

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You're probably reading this because you're wondering how I'm involved in the world of design...Well, let me tell you a short story! 

At the age of 15, I wanted to be a Graphic Designer! So, after school came college, where I studied a range of subjects including Graphic design and Photography.  I then moved to the college up the road which my twin sister was at. She said I had a better chance at getting into Uni if I went there. 

I studied General Art and Design and decided that Fashion Textiles was going to be my focus and during those years, my colour work and 'lines' received great compliments from the tutors. To have one's colour work to be hailed similar to Kandinsky and collages to Modigliani and my artwork to be like Matisse and Picasso is a huge compliment indeed!
Anyhow, I went off to get my HND in Printing Studies which covered graphics, all forms of printing, I.T. communication, origination, advertising, branding, art history, typography, 'finishing' and so forth and after the two intense years, I was called into a ceremony which I had no idea about and had to step up onto a stage to pick up the Optimus Award in 'Printing Studies Administration' and I was also offered a job with a digital print and marketing company. The job offer was too far away from home for my mum's liking, haha. 

I came home to no job, but also decided to go back to night college whilst looking for a job.

I then studied 'Colour Consultancy' first, really understanding colour in fashion, clothes, fabrics and I shifted this into the psychology of colour!
I managed to gain work in marketing, graphics and advertising with London based agencies, and those close to my home town. I believe that studying 'Advertising' with slogans/taglines proved to be helpful indeed. 

As a designer, whether graphics or fashion/textiles, I have been in this field for over 3 decades and I have given consultancy advice to some business start-ups. I have also worked as a 'Colour Consultant', 'Advanced/Chief Make-up Artist for a very well known fashion house and as a tutor and to top it all, I am a 'Web Master' and had worked for an 'entertainment' company when the age of web started up as a Web designer, soon moving into web development. 

I see so many companies and businesses spend money on graphic design, especially logo's which isn't always a bad thing, however, I believe they can achieve if they know what to look out for, how to do it, spare a little time and combat the fear of using graphic design packages. Also, it's ideal to know the lingo so that you can communicate your idea using a design package, such as Canva.

Nowadays, there are apps which can help you to put something together and websites which have copyright and license free images that you can use. I mainly use Canva design now, it's easy to use and they are constantly adding new features.

I'm a Canva Champion Canvassador and an affiliate too because I absolutely love their design product, even though I usually use Adobe, this is wonderful for graphic designers and those of you who are starting from scratch. 

The reason why I wanted to start up the 'Creative Design Membership for 'Heart led' business owners was because during my many years in creative design, I've found so many entrepreneurs/SME owners/sole traders have asked me about branding, the use of colours, design and types of print and I've seen so many make the mistake of using these four elements incorrectly by not understanding what their brand is or who their niche market is and that's just going backwards because they'll attract the wrong people to their business.

I believe that with a little patience and knowledge, YOU can design the idea and understand the process and be proud of you!

Creative Design - Brandit Colourit Designit Printit
Membership bonus = Webit

You're investing in you, your business and your own freedom to create whatever you need whenever you need it.  It's a cost effective process without the overwhelm and I'm here to support you and take you on a creative journey. 

Also, if you do decide to work with any designer, you can also provide a rough outline and they can take it further and at least you will both be speaking the same lingo.

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