Here are 7 things that show The Law of Attraction is working for you!

This blog covers signs the The Law of Attraction is working for you even when you don't know it.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a real Universal Law. Some people think it's hocus pocus because they're usually hard on their luck, but usually that is due to their mindset. This is also the answer too. You've heard the saying '"You attract like for ‘like", well the more negative you are the more of it you will attract and obviously, the more positive you are that is what you will gain.

If you have been using the Law of Attraction, for example, you have been visualising you already have what you want, you affirm in the present tense, you feel what you have received and you have gratitude, here are 7 signs the Universe is listening.

1. Nothing has happened.
Yes, that is correct. Sometimes things you want take a little bit longer, however it does not mean it won't happen. You just have to be patient, everything happens in divine right time.

You will notice when having conversations with others, you both say the same thing at the same time. Also if you visualise a specific car and a few days later it comes along in your eye view or someone brings it up then the Universe is listening.

Angel numbers.
Although Angel numbers are their own entity, if you are seeing repeating numbers like 777 and 1111, these all have a meaning which is a message for you to take note.

You feel more happier, less stressed and you feel comfortable with yourself and where you are going in life. You tend to focus on the positives ratherthan negatives and have a feeling something good is about to happen.

Accepting change.
You accept change with grattitude so instead of fighting it, you go with the flow and you are open to see where it takes you.

Great sleep.
You are able to fall asleep easily, you have been able to take the stress out of your life and focus on the present. you have achieved happiness in your life, and you don't have many thoughts running around in your head anymore.

Good things are always entering your life.
You start to attract the right people to help you with your business, work, looking after your kids or family (if you're looking for home help). Opportunites you were wanting have come up, you had been waiting to purchase something, and a HUGE discount has come up, everything has been slotting into place from initial effort and it hasn't been a slog.

Your finances are looking good due to small miracles such as an unexpected payrise. Someone wanted to pay forward and you were behind them in the queue, they purchased your chosen drink for you.

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