An insight to chapter 5 from the book, Life, Love and Libido's.

Self-discovering the BIG 'O', is a healthy part of being a woman and understanding what you like, a majority of women have yet to experience it.


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It's been known and proven, women get bored pretty quickly when it comes down to sex, therefore after
the honeymoon period is over, the spontaneity has gone and she knows what she's going to get so finds other important things to do, such as her work,looking after the kids or just anything else.

Over time in relationships, women start to lose their sexual voice, they have forgotten what they do like in bed or they haven't really felt comfortable conversing with their partner as to what they want more of, guide them to what they like and what their body responds to. Also if not in a relationship, basically having crap sex! It wouldn't be a bad thing to see a psychosexual therapist either, just in case there is something holding you back from not being able to reach the BIG 'O', it can happen especially if there has been any trauma you're holding onto in that area of your life. Remember, it is the sacral chakra that holds all traumas, if it's not dealt with it will affect your health on a physical and mental level.

When in mid-life it's even worse, going through the menopause is no walk in the park, although there is help and guidance via social media and mid-life coaches, although as stated in blog 2, this subject needs to be talked about more often, there is the issue of vaginal dryness and a low libido due to hormone imbalance. With this and trying to have a great dating or intimate experience is a hit and miss situation, especially if the 'date or partner' hasn't been told that it so uncomfortable not to mrntion painful to have sex and anyway, why would it come up in conversation right?

This is why it is so important that women explore what they do and don't like on an intimate level, you need to take time out for yourself to re-connect, be in the present with yourself and start to get to know what gets your juices flowing so to speak! Use toys if you want to, have fun dressing up, and looking at yourself in the mirror and start accepting who you are and have gratitude for your body.

Try out a Yoni massage and see if you can discover the BIG 'O' just like Erin did in chapter 5 of Life, Love and Libido's. Start putting yourself first! 

I hope you enjoyed the series and you got something out of it. If you are a stressed professional mid-life woman and you are struggling with the menopause, not gaining the good stuff in life and you want to work with me click here to book your free discovery call.

Universal love xx

Anita Amarissa
Stressed to Success LOA Master coach for the Professional Mid-life Woman.
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Course Creator and Author of Life, Love and Libido's.

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