3 mistakes women make when dating and in relationships.

Here are 3 main mistakes women make when looking for their potential soulmate and when they are in a relationship.

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We have more than 6000 thoughts everyday, something I never gave a thought about eiher. Before discovering The Law of Attraction I never even thought that my thoughts were shaping the life I was attracting, I didn't even know it was me who had been shaping my life, I just thought it was pot luck and accepted it. This even went on in my dating life, relationships as well as the jobs I attracted.

I was always focused on my work, making money, saving it and that was it. I loved most of the jobs I had, there were one or two that were a no-no and I just changed them, I wasn't as interested in relathionships as I was with the jobs I had and my dating life, well that was another story. Yes, I went on dates but I struggled to invest in them, where men where interested, I guess I was looking for something magical to grab my attention but that never happened.

As I got older there was added pressure of when are you going to find someone, settle down and have children?! Well that wasn't on my list of priorites but it soon was and with the experience of the dating world and also relationships I found the top 3 mistakes (I know I could create a whole list of them) women make when dating and also in a relationship! Check them out below:

1. Instant relationships due to a lack of communication.

When we date, most of us are looking for accceptance from our counterpart, we present ourselves well, say the right things, well try to and nod our heads and smile, we want this person to like us and take us into their world, I mean who wants to keep on dating for several years right?! We want it done and dusted, sealed with approval and then get on with the rest of our lives...but what happens when you think bedding your date is what confirms you are in a relationships with them..instantly! And it turns out to be a one night stand or a casual relationship? Many women think by sleeping with their date, they are in a committed relationship and that the person they have just bedded are on the same wavelength. Unfortunately, unless they have said something to confirm you are in an inclusive relationship, men don't think that way, they've got their kicks and due to a lack of communication, we get angry if our 'boyfriend'doesn't conform to calling or texting us, sending us gifts or taking us out more frequently and spending loads of time with us, adding us to their social media accounts and telling us how great we are! Which then makes us question ourselves, what's wrong with me? Didn't he like me? Why sleep with me if he doesn't want to see me again? This is when you start to doubt youself and repeat the same pattern.

2. Ignoring red flags

Before going out on a date, you have a list of what you're looking for in your future partner, but what happens when they tick all boxes apart from one? Well, what usually happens is you think it'll be okay, you'll be able to change them and everything will fit in place. That's where you are wrong, the relationship will hit an iceberg when this flag comes up and you fail to change your partner's mind which will only go down a winding road of resentment, arguments and a relationship, to be honest waasn't going to work out in the first place. You accepted that one red flag because you put yourself lower to what you really deserve and that was someone on the same wavelength as you!

3. The acceptance of being treated badly

Sometimes we don't realise we are being treated in a way that should not be accepted, you know the saying, treat people how you want to be treated! We do this even though the other person in the relationship isn't treating us right. You hope they'll change and wake up to realise how they're treating you, but as time goes on you become absorbed, forget your identlty and by that time it's too late, you never had the confidence to speak up because they always said it was your fault they were treating you this way, well like I mentioned part of it is true as you never said anything, well how could you with all the 'put downs' you received you believed it was your fault that this person treats you the way they do, but what if you could change all that? What if your thoughts could manifest something better? You deserve abundance, self-love, self-confidence and remember your self worth!

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