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Six session Hypnotherapy Programme:
Weight management, Stress management

Pain management, Anxiety management and Vaping Cessation.

Single Hypnotherapy sessions: Phobias, Addiction, Performance/Sports performance, Positive mindset, Assertiveness and Confidence.

A two hour Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy session can be booked, but I should stress, that this be your LAST RESORT. You must provide proof that you have taken part in the NHS quit smoking programme and provide evidence of trying nicotine patches for example and be serious about giving up. You will need to contact me directly please, your investment for this session is £500. 

Sessions take place online, otherwise can be in person when we're not in lockdown.

Session extensions can take place where required.

Contact Sunita Johal on 07786088126 or email catz@crimsoncatz.com if you are unsure as to whether hypnotherapy is for you or if you are seeking a smoking cessation session.  Otherwise, simply 'Schedule your Appointment' by clicking on the red button below. 

Thank you, Crimson Catz

We warmly welcome you to Crimson Catz, we hope you find what you're looking for, otherwise feel free to contact us with your enquires.
Anita Amarissa 07887937070, Sunita Johal 07786088126 or email catz@crimsoncatz.com


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