Good Morning Sunny !
I hope you are well . I am so grateful  for the treatment on my back you did on me yesterday. My back is sooo much better. Also just to let you know that the stretches you told me to do...OH MY DAYS last night was the first night I slept after suffering for the past 2months. I seriously was not expecting that!!    I can't get over it that all I did was say where  the pain was in my hip and leg and you instantly knew what was wrong! How clever are you missy?!! I just wished I had texted you sooner. I cannot  thank you enough Sunny!! - 

I have had yet another great rapid treatment from Sunita. I have had really bad issues with my coccyx due to having a baby. I have felt it has been extremely uncomfortable since having my second child and felt it needed some work. It got to about 16 weeks and I thought enough was enough.

After having my first treatment I felt a huge relief and the pain in my coccyx instantly reduced to a 1/4 of the pain. I have just had my second treatment 2 weeks later and have worked on others areas more this time too. I feel the treatments are amazing and instantly relieve any pressure or pain I am having.

Sunita is always professional, friendly and makes you feel welcome which is nice. I would recommend Sunita to anyone and have even book my boyfriend in for treatment next week.

Thank you so much again and can’t wait for the next session. - Melody.

I have been really pleased with my Rapid NR appointments, they have eased my pain and also helped me to walk better.

I will definitely be having another one, thank you!  -

"I visited Sunita Johal twice last week as I was in urgent need of some Rapid NR....within minutes Sunita worked on my joints, in particular a muscle which works both the outer chest and the arm as this had been giving me great distress and pain, particular at night and I had not been sleeping due to pain...

Within two sessions this problem had been sorted and I can not thank Sunita enough for her 'Rapid' work on me...I, for one will definitely be going back if any future problems occur..." 
Joe M.

"In June 2021, I was having pain in my glutes, hip, the top of my leg and around my knee to the point that I was having trouble walking.   A friend recommended Sunita of Crimson Catz for Rapid Neurofascial Reset treatment.

 I had 2 treatment sessions of 45 mins each and the last session was on 10.08.21 after a couple of days the pain had gone.   At this present time in October, I am still walking without pain.

 Sunita has helped me a lot. She has been very professional and courteous. Letting me know all the time what she was doing. I would recommend 'Sunny' to give good advice and treatment, yours sincerely"- Mrs S. Quince. 

Hypnosis - Ego strengthening, increase self-confidence, assertiveness and for a positive mindset.

"Mindset and me have done a complete 'U' turn in an awesome way. I have re-established all relationships including work, family and relationship.

With assertiveness, boundaries, confidence, prioritising and switching off are confirmed and a complete transformation has occurred. I'm enjoying my job, life and relationship.

I've passed my exams and I'm in the flow again with work-life balance. My vibration is raised, I'm more assertive at work, I'm saying 'no' to not taking on any more work, so I'm leaving work on time and doing fitness classes. Thanks for your support as always!"
 :) <3  - Karen T. 

Thank you Sunita,  I slipped my disc at the gym in April 2021 I could hardly move around without being in a great deal of pain.

Then a dear friend told me about you  Straight after the first (Rapid NR) treatment when you were able to stop my pain also mobilising my back and glutes etc I knew that my long and desperate journey has finally reached the place of genuine help.  

I can’t tell you how very grateful I am to you for giving me my life back. It is very clear that your unique service and expertise is Gold. - Rosie. 

"Turn Your Life Around Master Coaching' with Sunny helped me discover what I truly want from life. The process teased my passions and desires out of me so I could put a plan together and work towards making them my reality We covered so much in 12 weeks from Mindset to the Law of Attraction, to being emotionally resilient and even my Shamanic Totem Animal and Healing Crystals!

The programme was tailored towards me and the questions and interests I have. Sunny's positive energy and passion for the work she does shines through at every session, she helped guide me through the process and was there when I stumbled.

Thank you Sunny for all the extra work you put into our sessions and all the support you continue to offer - oh and the wonderfully relaxing massages too! - 
Donna M, x

"What can I say? Another amazing treatment with Sunix! I pulled my back just before my booking and have no pain since. Incredible results.

Also had quite bad upper back pain and during treatment, Sunix found the issue I had and sorted it. Rapid Neurofascial Reset treatment is something everyone should experience.

Sunix is amazingly gifted and her knowledge is far beyond any practitioner I have experienced. I'll be back for a top up and honestly wouldn't recommend anyone else. - Nicky R.

"Crimson Catz, I really had a great experience with your fitness classes, I was looking forward to joining every Monday and Tuesday for around a year and I finally received a transfer offer from my company to move to Bucharest. You both are AMAZING, take care!" - Annika, xx

"Crimson Catz are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are always fun, enthusiastic and nothing is ever too much trouble. The ladies have attended a number of the female leadership and activator courses we ran as an organisation.  They then delivered a series of excellent Rounders sessions for us in Luton during the summer months on a Saturday morning for the local community as a result of the training provided." - Michelle M - teamBEDS&LUTON

"I have been visiting Sunita for a while now and have enjoyed lots of treatments. I enjoy not just my treatments, but also how we talk about life, how intuitive Sunita is about what I need and generally her energy which is up-lifting on its own.

My personal favourites are the Aromatherapy massage (just heaven) and the Chakra balancing/cleansing. I cannot recommend Sunita enough to make you feel more human again and to give you some respite from this crazy world we live in." - Nicola B-D.  

"I am 76 years old and have had moderate fibromyalgia for over 20 years. As I got older, the aches, pains, exhaustion and tendency to gain palpitations seem to feel worse.

 I was referred to Sunita and took up the offer of massage therapy which is believed to be good for fibromyalgia. I have been treated by Sunita Johal to regular back, neck and shoulder massage and found it beneficial. It's very calming, soothing it reduced my stress and it helped to rid of tension in my painful fibro knots. I find Sunita to be very encouraging and helpful and she has given me various tips in regards to my posture and exercise.

I would recommend Sunita's massage skill for anyone with health problems similar to me." "Thank you" - Margaret G.  

"The Eclectic Pain Relief Therapy Programme helped me very much. I looked everywhere else and found that nothing else helped. Sunita and the programme 'SAVED MY LIFE' and I have my life back again.

I found the therapies helpful and relaxing, my medication was very high and now it is slowly going down and I won't be going to the doctor's as the tablets don't work.

Sunita is so lovely, she's the best in the world for me and I liked the entire programme. Thank you so much, I have one sunshine outside, and one sunshine inside."
 - Lin G.  

"The Rapid NR treatment made me happy, it really helped my back. Where no-one else could help me, Sunita could." - Moh'd Kiani.

"I was referred and treated by Sunita Johal. I have found the back, neck and shoulder massage treatment very beneficial, calming and soothing. Sunita is just great, a wonderful person who does everything she can to help." -"Thank you." - Tabbasam R.

"Wow, Sunita...what a lady she is. I turned to Sunita after some much needed guidance to get my life back on track. After having a 3 year period of loss and recent health issues, my mind and body were emotional and physically tired and I basically needed a burst of 'Sunita' to kick start me. I entered the 'Turn Your Life Around Master Coaching and Eclectic therapies programme for a period of 12 weeks where Sunita listened, reassured, 'healed', laughed with me and at me, :) and generally gave me the right tools to move forwards with a more positive mindset and to understand that we can have what we want in life.

Without Sunita's guidance, knowledge and sensitive approach to matters, I wouldn't be where I am today as she made me realise that it is ok to not be ok but you dust yourself off, get back up and felt that energy lifted again. Seeing Sunita for the 12 week period was life a dose of sunshine medicine that was so needed at the time.

Sunita and Anita are wonderful sisters with a truly magnetic aura and if anyone needs a kick up the backside, like me, give these ladies a call. They truly are magnificent and their treatments are second to none. Thank you so much."  Karen W.

'Great Customer services, environment, quality and wait time' - "Although I'm feeling a bit tender, I can feel the benefits already, Sunita, you are lovely, :), - Jo B. 

"Anita always makes sure I get my homework done, she really knows her stuff!" - Nagina

"Big thanks and shout out to Sunita & Crimson Catz for taking great care of the Champ Fazian Fariad before and both Youth Champion wins. Really made a big difference!

Would highly recommend their Rapid NR treatment to anyone in some kind of pain or sports athlete looking for ways to improve/overcome previous injuries. Crimson Catz offers an extremely professional friendly service with excellent customer care." - Nathan Prime - Prolete Management UK.  

"Neets is a wonderful coach, (Sacral Lotus Programme for Women in Midlife) and is great to work with. She's supportive, encouraging, fun, energetic and really inspirational.

She's taught me loads of helpful tips for dealing with the menopause. I'd recommend her." 'Thumbs up :D - Ruth H 

"Sunita, to come and talk to you at first, I thought would be a waste of time. In fact, however, I have felt so relieved talking to you and learning about my own emotions, understanding and learning to help myself with your guidance.

You have helped me a lot and the icing on the cake was when you massaged and pin pointed the areas that I so desperately needed to release. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. P.S. I do look forward to seeing you because I know I'll feel so much better - thank you!" - Hanifa K.  

"Just wanted to say 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart for helping me the day before my interview. I have been applying for jobs since June - I would get invited for the interviews but not actually secure the post. Despite preparing for these interviews, I would get very nervous, and although I thought I was performing well, I obviously wasn't.

Consequently,  I wasn't getting offered the post. You can imagine my frustration as most of my cohort had already been working as physiotherapists for 4-5 months by now. I briefly mentioned I had an interview to Sunita a few days ago. She reassured me that I would be ok, and told me what to do and what to wear. I ended up wearing a black suit, but wore a specific coloured flower brooch, a beaded necklace and bracelet.

Well, I've never had an interview that was so relaxed and that went so well. I was offered the job before I left. It was a little thing to have told me, a small gesture but it had a huge effect. Truly, thank you from the depths of my being."
 - Trupti M.  

"I booked an Eclectic therapy - Chakra cleanse/balance and massage with Sunita due to lots of stress and tension that had been around for a few years which I knew I had to change. From the moment I walked in, Sunita was warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease.

The treatment itself was relaxing and enlightening when Sunita sat down with me at the end of the treatment and told me her findings. She couldn't have been more precise and it made me feel quite emotional about the pent up feelings that had been lying there for quite some time that needed to be released.

Sunita was reassuring about the next few days ahead, how I could be feeling due to the cleansing of the body and also about the longer journey. Thank you for your work Sunita and I look forward to my next treatment." - Karen W.   

"My appointment with Sunita was amazing! She touched spot on past and present aspects of my life that she wasn't aware of before.

She also gave words of promise for the future. Following our session, I feel as if I was alleviated from many blocks in which stopped me from attaining my goals before and I've acquired a new inspiration.

I look forward to our next appointment and working with her in the future." - Kindest regards, - Victoria S.   

"Sunita is so nice, kind and amazing! No-one realises how much she has helped me.

Thank you so much for giving me confidence, I couldn't have done it without your help. I could talk to you, where I couldn't talk to anyone else about my trauma." - Eileen D.

"I met Sunny through a mutual friend. I had been suffering with back pain for some time. I had a session with Sunny and the results were instant and truly amazing.

The experience was wonderful, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The professionalism she demonstrated was of a high standard. She took time to listen to me, understood my problem and was able to tell me how she was going to resolve my problem.

Sunny is the type of person who is always willing to improve herself, she is constantly researching how to find treatments that are effective and how it will benefit her clients.  Her mindset is always positive and she has a belief in what she provides for her clients. Sunny is fun, confident, full of energy, approachable and dependable. I would recommend Sunny to anyone." - Saida P.   

"I first met Sunita while I was having trouble trusting doctors, therapies and anyone that was in a position to help with my mental well-being. A lot of negative experiences over the years made me feel that way.
Sunita, on our first appointment, felt that I was losing hope and assured me she worked in a completely different manner, where the client is genuinely respected and supported.

Although still somewhat hesitant at first, I continued with my sessions and it proved to be one of the best things I did for myself and  for my general and mental well-being. Sunita is an amazing person with a kind and loving spirit and she uses her vast variety of knowledge in order to 'heal' the client. I have had excellent results from my sessions with Sunita and I will keep seeing her as I feel that even if she heals what issues you first have she has a truly positive impact on my life.

Sunita helped me with things that doctor's failed to, which only prescribed medication to ease the symptoms but nothing to work on the cause of the symptoms. For me, Sunita is a blessing, Thank you!" 
- Gabriela C. 

"My mum has been attending Sunita's pain management classes. She feels better when she comes and has some pain exercises/therapy done for her leg and arm and she always looks forward for every Wednesday to meet Sunita.

She feels that the exercises are working on her. A few days later, her pain comes back, but she has started doing some activities. Sunita's advice has helped her and it's helping her everyday routine in life. This service has helped my mum a lot.

The pain she was suffering with was something she couldn't handle everyday, but with pain management class every week, this has helped her a lot. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who has been suffering with pain and arthritis. A lovely lady Sunita is, friendly and understanding." - Faisa B on behalf of her mum, Imtiaz B.  

"My mum has been attending six Rapid NR sessions with Sunita and my mum is a 'new' person with the treatment she has been receiving from Sunita. Even though she still has pain here and there she is ten times better than what she was.

She is now able to certain activities like gardening which she couldn't do before. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is seeking some pain relief. The service is also very friendly and welcoming."
- Abdul K on behalf of his mum, Zubeda K. 

"I have experienced so much relief mentally and physically with Sunita.

She has a broad understanding and is a pleasant person. I will miss 'Eclectic therapies' and would suggest it. - Thank you Sunita." - Lee P, x 

(Rapid NR) for back/shoulders and knees) "I feel the treatment I received from Sunita is necessary and works. I could definitely use a lot more of it and she is a good confidence builder and advisor - very grateful." -Davide B

"Thank you so much my shoulder is doing much better after the Rapid NR session. In the first week I felt like it was going to be the same and I did have pain. However, ever since it has been fine, thank you so much!!" Kind regards, - Faizan F.

"Hey Anita! So my product arrived yesterday and last night I had the best night's sleep in a vert long time, so thank you for the advice you are awesome." - Nicky

"Anita is a fantastic Personal trainer, she helped me to recover from my back injury." - Shashi

"Sunita's therapies helped me. I wait a week to smile again and talking really helps. Sunita is helpful and friendly,

I had too much pressure at first and I love my massage therapy and Rapid NR. I'm going to want more appointments. - Rukhsana S.  

"During the Rapid NR treatment with Sunita, I had a lot of relief from pain. She was absolutely brilliant in terms of her approach, communication, treatment, understanding and making me feel at ease with her friendly nature and sense of humour.

I was made to feel comfortable at all sessions and would definitely use and recommend this service from Sunita again. Thank you, I am grateful and we definitely need more 'Sunita's'..." - Roymun B.  

"Thank you for your advice Anita and I will be following your advice on food intake etc. Both your help and advice is much appreciated. It's nice to talk to people who speak the same language in my 3rd Age and take care." - Janet C 

"Treatment (Rapid NR) is extremely good, I've always felt 100x better afterwards.
Sunita is very friendly and the sessions are always beneficial." - Rob T.

"I am so pleased to find a therapist (Sunita) who does treatments with vegan products and is vegan too, I would recommend your lovely treatments to everyone." - Debbie C, x

"I just have to tell you (Sunita) on Monday, after my treatment of Rapid NR on my knee, I was almost pain free on Tuesday and back to normal on Wednesday. You have 'healing hands'..." - Gill P, x

"Brilliant and enjoyable class with Anita. I can see the results as well and so can others which gives me a big boost, excellent instructor looks out for all of us in class to make sure we are doing our exercises properly." - Sonia

"To Sunita, thank you for being the person that finally got me back to the realm of 'normality' after 25 years of depression.

I've tried counsellors, psychiatrists, and anti-depression but your approach to helping me 'heal' has been amazing and I will be forever grateful, many, many thanks,- Kellie M.  

"My experience at the hands of Sunita has been amazing! I am a very tense person and the massages that Sunita gives makes a real difference to my life. No matter how intense I am when I arrive, I leave in a wholly better place. Never have I felt such benefits from a massage before, and the effects last a few days rather than a few hours.

Today I came in with an injured knee as well before anything, Sunita sorted my knee out with Rapid NR and it's already much more mobile and I'm not in a much pain. Thank you Sunita, I would recommend you to everyone." - Gill P.  

"I can honestly say that after a PT session with you, Anita, I feel absolutely invigorated - you are a natural when it comes to knowing just how to get the best out of me, encouraging and motivating, despite me moaning that 'I can't do it!' I feel fit, toned and young again, my tennis elbow has disappeared and my back no longer hurts when I walk long distances but best of all it has been fun." - Liz F

"Well, been here having treatment with Sunita (Chakra balancing and Rapid NR). I can only say with all the treatment in my past with going to physiotherapy, what a waste, when going to this amazing lady who goes right in to release and ease a lot of pain, also stress. For Sunita to treat a person, know where to start and what to work on, I can really say she is the best! Amazing in what she does in every way. Thank you so much 'lady with power' and for helping in a lot of ways." -Linda K.

"This Eclectic therapy and 'Turn Your Life Around Master Coaching' is helping me a lot. I would definitely recommend it as I feel more relaxed physcially and mentally. I've tried physiotherapy elsewhere which didn't work for me but would definitely recommend Sunita." - Ravina J.

"Massage therapy really helped me with my back - the therapies Sunita supplies are really good." - Abida S.

"I absolutely love what Anita does and the knowledge she has!" - Lilas

"Massage therapy and reflexology with Sunita proved to be very good, satisfying and rejuvenating. The treatment has helped in my search for fulfilment and contentment. It's relaxing and gives purpose." - Harold D.  

"I really enjoy the massage and 'Rapid NR' sessions with Sunita, they help with my stress levels, my bad back and sciatica, it feels really nice and I'm not in as much pain for a good while after these sessions - I love coming to them." - Carole B.

"Anita is really a wonderful trainer. She really helped me to lose a lot of weight and also became a lot fitter She plans a very good and detailed fitness programme for you and also helps with your dietary requirements. A workout with Anita is tough and fun. She pushes you hard which is what you need if you want to improve. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about getting fit." - D. Tremble

"I had reservations at the beginning but Anita is great at what she does - Shaheen

Thank you for the Rapid NR treatment for migraines Sunita, I feel really good." Debbie A, :D xxx

"When I first started the sessions with Sunita, I didn't know if it would be similar to counselling or if it would be similar to counselling or if it would make a difference. I realised that if I let go and believed in it, then miracles can happen and they did. I could not believe this transformation in all areas of my life. I feel more energised more than ever and so happy about the future. I couldn't recommend this treatment enough, it's very powerful, (Turn Your Life Around Master Coaching/Eclectic therapies) and I have all the tools now to go higher with my dreams and aspirations. There's no turning back, onward and upwards - UN-BELIEVEABLE!!" - Karen D.

"Sunita is very professional and a great confidence booster." - "Thank you" - Maria H.

"Anita is fun and motivational at the same time, I would not train with anyone else!" - Emily

 "The massage treatment is helping me a lot. It helps to take away the pain and now I can go home, use the Zimmer frame and go swimming, which is something I couldn't do before." - Lillian B.