I 'Turn YOUR Life Around' by using a completely holistic approach emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, in order to balance these four rooms, however the coaching programme helps you to ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE, ATTAIN YOUR POWER and CREATE YOUR REALITY!

“I serve empathic 'trauma thrashing' professional women to build and keep a positive mindset while they reconnect with themselves and ‘Renovate their ‘Roaring Resilience ™ through the ‘Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience ™ Coaching programme’ and within the coaching programme, I also use a combination of Alchemy, Colours and Energy work – (A.C.E.) to 'Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience’ ™.

If this is you, do book your FREE 50 min discovery session, let's see if we can work together to also 'Turn Your Life Around' whilst 'Renovating YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience’ ™  

In fact, click the link below and enter your details to gain the 'Inner Roarness' checklist... It's time to start renovating your 'Roaring Resilience' ™ bite by bite... ROOAARRR!'  Click me to get to the 'Inner Roarness' checklist... 

You would LOVE:    

  • Your ‘Roaring Resilience’ ™ to be renovated, so whilst facing adversity, you can focus on the solution and not the problem. 
  • Your ‘Inner Roarness’ to be found and heard.
  • Your empathy to be balanced and harmonious.
  • Your four rooms – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to cleanse and balance.
  • Your mindset to use and maintain positive thoughts.
  • Your mind, body, spirit and soul to reconnect with you.
  • Your energy to increase.
  • Your life to be your number one priority
The issue is:    

  • You’re living a life where you’ve pulled through your trauma and had the therapy to take you forward, but what now?     
  • You may be thinking, but what happens if I go backwards, how am I to gain support to keep moving forward? How do I become resilient whilst facing any form of adversity?   
  • You’re wondering how to handle ‘empathy’ in a strong but understanding way that keeps you out of harm’s way and makes you feel less guilty about putting toxic people to the side.  
  • You’re on your own journey of self discovery and wonder how to reconnect with loved ones more effectively, creating structure, but also feel the need to get fun back into your life.   
  • You wish to reconnect with ‘self’ in a full and positive way after overcoming disassociation, discovering and gaining self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-forgiveness.

Here’s Sunita's story:    

Here’s Sunita's story: I’m Sunita Johal, Author of ‘AWAKEN THE AURA’ and I too have had my energy wiped out due to living with various autoimmune diseases since my early twenties. In fact, it had traumatised my entire system, my entire ‘being!’ When I was 28, I thought I was pregnant, only to find that it was in fact a 'phantom pregnancy', I know it sounds crazy and awful at the same time, but can you image walking around with a huge bump and with the thought of being pregnant but without any other symptoms and that happened a year after psoriasis attacked my arms and my legs, gosh, the embarrassment!

Imagine lying a warm water bath, just because it soothed the psoriasis, the shedding of skin 24/7 in my bed and waking up with skin on the sheets and having to hoover them up, yes, in fact, I bought a hand held vacuum to suck 'em up. I had to wear cotton which was fine, but imagine your red raw skin sticking to the clothing, then having to peel it off - gosh the agony every single day and even my doc didn't know that it was an autoimmune disease! Yes, MY DOCTOR didn't even know I was suffering with autoimmune disease!!! My doc then prescribed me some ointment and it did work, but I was having missed periods and was being prescribed all sorts of meds which I found out later from the female medic at the fertility clinic that they were not to be taken and she shook her head in disbelief and said that doctors need to be educated in women's health because if I was guided correctly, I would be able to conceive naturally.

So, I get it, I really do and I have been through years of working with my clients and on myself in terms of getting my and their 'Inner Roarness' BACK!!! It's taken me down all kinds of routes, paths and even to my twin sister/business partner who looks after 'the stressed out mum'. There is always something bigger and better around the corner and I've always had a positive mindset and a 'sunny' disposition, but in 2004, I encountered depression due to my father in law passing with pancreatic cancer and liver metastasis two months to the day I got married and all the pressure mounted up and I tried EVERYTHING to get out of it - until one day I had to snap out of it, but that was up to me to do that and I understand that everyone is different. Once I had done that, I was still putting on weight, okay, I know you're asking, where does this end? I tried exercise, dieting, diet pills, oh my goodness. when I think about it, I do wonder how on earth did I go through all of that?

Another visit to the doctor's and bloods were taken only to find in 2007 that I had hypothyroidism. Yes, a big sigh, this meant tablets for life but on a low dose, then in 2009 I was still running around like a headless chicken in several ‘high flying’ jobs and over time, they were draining my energy and not only that, I also couldn’t balance my ‘four rooms’ well enough to keep my energy up in order to create or even have the lifestyle I wanted…Until one day in March 2009, I felt that ‘enough was enough’ so I decided to look at how to increase my ‘Inner Roarness’ whilst hampering through trials and tribulations, my mind expressed the change of lifestyle that was desperately desired, so, I quit my job in July 2009 and became a co-business owner and entrepreneur on the 1st August 2009 with my twin sister, what a crazy time, right? From then on, I decided to investigate and find out how I could live the lifestyle which effectively helped me balance my four rooms and keep my autoimmune flare ups at bay, renovating my ‘Roaring Resilience!’™

In 2016, I noticed and realised that there were ways to ensure that my empathic nature didn’t take its toll on me as it was always easy for me to pick up all types of energy and now, I swear by it and after a cancer scare, I was and still am happily keeping toxic people and energies away from me without feeling guilty in doing so and during each traumatic stage, I had to ensure that dissociation was tackled so that I could reconnect with 'self' holistically and with success. It took time, but I got there and now life is GOOD if not GREAT as is my 'Roaring Resilience'!!™

Are you ready to live a life you have always dreamed of and rightly deserve? Let me help you to 'Turn YOUR Life Around' - Sunita.

How would the Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience' ™ Coaching programme benefit you?

I will give you the tools to use in order to gain more clarity, direction, focus and the ability to introduce consistency when it comes to bringing out your 'Inner Roarness' and Renovating YOUR 'Roaring Resilience'™ .  

We will be using various proven techniques which also include working with Alchemy, Colour and Energy to help you to regain and balance your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional ‘planes’ which have been collecting all the negative energies every time you came face to face with adverse events which once caused trauma which then lead to dissociation, where you fell out of love with your body and 'self'.  

However, since you have undergone therapy, you wish ensure that you bring out and increase your 'Inner Roarness' and 'Renovate YOUR 'Roaring Resilience'™ .    

Get the 'Inner Roarness' checklist...It's time to start renovating your 'Roaring Resilience' ™ bite by bite... ROOAARRR!'.  
Click me to get your 'Inner Roarness' checklist! And check out the modules below!

What do I offer to the empathic 'trauma thrashing' professional woman?

The 12 week Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience' ™ Coaching programme.  

This includes:
Mindset coaching.
- Confidence/resilience coaching.
- Hypnotherapy, focusing on a positive mindset, confidence/assertiveness and resilience.
- Science (alchemic) based tasks to Renovate YOUR 'Roaring Resilience'™ .
- Spiritual work using colours and energy - includes chakra cleansing.

You will receive a 1 x 50 mins FREE Discovery call to see if we can work together, This will be online, once we've established we are suitable an agreement will be emailed to you for you to sign and email back to me along with payment, again reflecting what payment plan we have agreed to.  

You will also gain:  

  • Resilience exercise guides which will be sent over based on the outcome of our Master coaching sessions.  
  • Two Mp3 hypnotherapy recordings will be sent to you via email during or after your sessions. One will be for sustaining your confidence/assertiveness and the other to ensure you keep on top of your positive mindset. .

    Here’s a takeaway for you, "Once you remove your excuses, you will then start to see results".

"Sunita is so nice, kind and amazing! No-one realises how much she has helped me. Thank you so much for giving me confidence, I couldn't have done it without your help. I could talk to you, where I couldn't talk to anyone else about my trauma." - Eileen D.

"To Sunita, thank you for being the person that finally got me back to the realm of 'normality' after about 25 years of depression. I've tried counsellors, psychiatrists, and anti-depressants, but your approach to helping me 'heal' has been amazing and I will be forever grateful." Many, many thanks," Kellie M. 

"Wow, Sunita...what a lady she is. I turned to Sunita after some much needed guidance to get my life back on track. After having a 3 year period of loss and recent health issues, my mind and body were emotionally and physically tired and I basically needed a burst of 'Sunita' to kick start me.  I entered the coaching programme for a period of 12 weeks where Sunita listened, reassured, healed, laughed with ne and at me :) and generally gave me the right tools to move forwards with a more positive mindset and to understand that we can have what we want in life.  Without Sunita's guidance, knowledge and sensitive approach to matters, I wouldn't be where I am today as she made me realise that it is ok to not be ok but you dust yourself off, get back up and get that energy lifted again. Seeing Sunita for the 12 week period was like a dose of sunshine medicine that was so needed at the time."
"Thank you so much." 
- Karen W.  

More testimonials can be found HERE.

You will receive a money saver coupon towards any of my courses once published. You will also receive a free invitation via e-mail to any webinars I host.

When you sign up you’ll receive a ‘Welcome’ email detailing your start date and time along with an agreement (please read it carefully) for you to sign and email back and your payment schedule if you have opted for a payment plan.

If and when there are any courses that have been published and they are of interest to you, I will also send you a 'money saver' coupon. You will also be notified via email if there are any webinars you may be interested in.  

Also, V.I.P. access to any other related programmes I may hold during your time with me. I'll also schedule our coaching calls/sessions together.    

Over the 3 months, you will receive a 1 x 90 mins coaching call online each week covering the ‘Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience ™ Coaching programme’  modules.    

Here’s a takeaway for you - "Once you remove your excuses, you will then start to see results".

I have limited spaces on the 3 month cycle so I can concentrate fully and give my undivided attention to you. do jump onboard ASAP.

This coaching programme is different to other programmes as I delve into your environment and work holistically with your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical rooms. I have solutions for you that have been tried and tested with a great outcome.

You’ll have specific 'fun work' you can still access after you have finished your coaching programme in case you need it for reference. You’ll have your confidence back and goals set for your future.  

Remember, I'm not a textbook coach, but, yes, I'm qualified, experienced and I understand what you are going through. 

I promise, when you start implementing the strategies I give you, you’ll be the person you thought you would never be, you’ll try things you never had thought of trying and you will be ready to smash your goals.

 Your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health will have improved and you’ll have a new lease of life.

You will not only ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE, ATTAIN YOUR POWER and CREATE YOUR REALITY! But you will also increase your 'Inner Roarness' and Renovate YOUR 'ROARING RESILIENCE'.™

The Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience' ™ Coaching programme’ is for you if you want to...  

  • Know how to action resilience should you have to face adversity again.
  • Change your mindset and achieve your goals in life successfully.
  • Gain confidence and reconnect with 'self' after overcoming 'dissociation'.
  • Build on existing relationships with your friend's, family and/or your partner.
  • Be seen and heard.
  • To accept love, be loved and love yourself too.
  • Find your life purpose, gain control of your life and become assertive in your actions, your wants and not feel guilty when you put toxic people at arms length whilst keeping  your empathic energy safe.      

    The Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience' ™ Coaching programme’  isn’t for you if: 
  • You don’t want to put the work in and help yourself.
  • You think this will not work for you.
  • You are happy with where you are in life and have no goals.
  • You’re feeling good about yourself and you don’t need any help.
  • Suffering with your symptoms is okay with you.  
  • You don’t need the support.
  • You don't want to see any positive changes.
  • You don’t want a good relationship with yourself, or your nearest and dearest.

Remember, you can either stay where you are and carry on suffering as you are...
Or…you could enrol on the Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience' ™ Coaching programme’  and gain full support from me, receive the information, guidance and tools you require to obtain the results you wanted in order to have a happy and healthy life!

Click here for your FREE 50 min discovery call NOW!

Q: How long is the Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience' ™ Coaching programme’ for?
A: 3 months.    

Q: Will I be able to extend the programme if I wanted to?  
A: Yes, if you want more support from me on a specific module or two in the programme, or you would like more coaching calls. There will be a fee for an extension.
Q: Is there a payment plan available?  
A: Yes.  Full payment on enrolment.  Two instalment payment plan, the first payment on enrolment, the final balance on the start of the second month.  Three instalment payment plan, the first payment on enrolment, the second payment on the 1st of the second month and the third (final balance) on the 1st of the 3rd month.    

Q: What will happen if I don’t gain the results I want?  
A: As long as you have done the 'fun-work', you should get the results you desire, you are your own guarantee. You have to put the work in to gain the awesome results!    

Q: Can anyone undergo the Renovate YOUR ‘Roaring Resilience' ™ Coaching programme’ ?  
A: The call will confirm if you are suitable for this programme and as long as you are willing to put the work in.    

If you have any other questions, please email sunita@crimsoncatz.com

I am here to help you and ensure you have a smooth journey. If you require any additional information, please email sunita@crimsoncatz.com  

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    We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.
    Love and light!    
Sunita Johal - Crimson Catz®