About Anita Amarissa

Anita is a Stressed to Success Law of Attraction Master Coach for the professional mid-life woman and menopause expert. She is the author of Life, Love & Libido's and has over three decades of experience working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and nutritionist.

Anita found herself going through the menopause at the age of 38.
With no information to help her deal with this stage in her life, she turned to the internet to find some resources that would at least help her.

As the years went on and with symptoms getting worse she gained a qualification based on third age and also one based on optimal health after hysterectomy. These were a game changer and with knowledge, experience and resources, Anita started to help women who were struggling with the menopause, in person and online.

Anita now incorporates the Law of Attraction and mindset work, self-acceptance with education on the menopause including holistic sessions such as Yoga, meditation and Pilates for her coaching clients and corporate business's who have an interest of promoting women's wellness in the workplace.

Anita is a Motivational Public Speaker in how to master the menopause, self care, self-acceptance, the Law of Attraction and mindset.

About Sunita Johal

Sunita Johal is an Author, an Eclectic therapist, a Law of Attraction Master Coach and for almost three decades has been helping women with Autoimmune dis-ease by balancing their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional rooms with the use of various therapies, some of which include Rapid Neurofascial Reset, Energy work, Hypnotherapy, Psychodynamic Counselling for a therapy and Coaching.

She has been able to help doctor's patients along with her own private clients in many ways, one of which includes reducing their medication or simply taking them off their medication altogether.  

She also helps SMEs, Start ups, Sole traders, Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs with a 'how to' approach to 'Brandit+ Colourit+ Designit+ Printit' for products and web (B.C.D.P) by using her extensive background and expertise in creative design.

Sunita is a Motivational Public Speaker in lifestyle, The Law of Attraction, mindset, spirituality, healing and brand development.

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