We 'Turn YOUR Life Around' by using The Law of Attraction to bring your dreams into reality, attract abundance and prosperity. Manifest by using the power of meditation, yoga as well as many other methods. ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE, ATTAIN YOUR POWER and CREATE YOUR REALITY!  

We serve the professional mid-life woman who wants to attract and manifest a great relationship, more money, better job, good health and increase their 'Roaring Resilience'.

Within the Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme, you will learn how to incorporate self acceptance exercises, understand and change your belief system, incorporate a positive mindset and wellness when coached by either of us, this will then prepare you to start manifesting your dreams in order for them to become a reality!  
If this is you, do book your FREE 50 min discovery session, let's see if we can work together to 'Turn Your Life Around'.  

If this is you, do book your FREE 50 min discovery session, let's see if we can work together to 'Turn Your Life Around'. 

You would LOVE:    

  • Your manifestations to come alive
  • Your life to gain balance
  • Your new energy to attract the right people and relationships
  • Your mind to no longer have limited beliefs
  • Your self-confidence to increase
  • Your self-worth to be acknowledged by you and noticed by all
  • Your self-love to increase and for you to give love
  • Your happiness to come from within
  • Your mind, body, spirit and soul to be energised
  • Your time to be used effectively for YOU.
  • After trauma (Psychodynamic counselling for a therapy), to 'Renovate your 'Roaring Resilience'
  • To advance in your dimensions of consciousness
  • To be able to live your purpose
The issue is:    

  • You’re attracting toxic people and environments, even when you think you've sussed it out, you create the same patterns due to your own fears, and limiting beliefs. 
  • You may also be struggling with menopausal symptoms and have overcome forms of trauma through counselling/therapy, wish to move forward and know how to 'Renovate YOUR Roaring Resilience'.
  • You’re constantly a people pleasing saying 'yes' to people rather than 'no' as you don't want others judging you negatively even though this is jeopardising your physical and mental health. 
  • You struggle to find solutions to ongoing problems or have lost your way.
  • You've forgotten what it's like to have time to yourself and go out with your friends.
  • You've lost your identity
  • You've tried every type of exercise and diet to help you with the effects of menopause, therefore lost your self-confidence, self-love and self-worth

Here’s Anita's story.

Why choose me and not someone else?
I was that person, attracting toxic relationships and the wrong jobs, having a 'scarcity' mindset all the time, a lack of self-confidence and self-acceptance, I also believed what my parent's would say regarding money and how you would have to work hard in order to obtain it. This led me to always having to watch my pennies, it also got to a point I was too fearful to buy things, wondering where the next penny was coming from.

In 2011 my twin sister mentioned the Law of Attraction, at that time I was in a toxic environment and I had been in the last few years, nothing was changing and I couldn't see a way out. I started to read up on it, and I started to believe in myself and what I could achieve although I had been laughed at. This made me realise I shouldn't share my dreams, wants, beliefs etc with those who didn't share my mindset. It took me a while to get my head around it, and where there were opportunities to change my circumstances, I kept stepping back in fear!

Within that time, I found I was perimenopausal, and on top of everything else I was struggling. I needed to find a way of managing my symptoms, my G.P. was rubbish so I had to research everything about the menopause. A few years later I qualified in 'Women in 3rd age' and 'Hysterectomy health.

Finally in 2016 I broke free, and it was scary but freeing at the same time, the time in-between, I would visualise myself getting out of the situation and the conversations that I would have. I also manifested a place to live temporarily, and when I did move, our business soared, my energy had changed. I kept manifesting, I had two more moves to then find a better place to live, accumulate more money, more opportunities, and I started to coach women in mid-life as well as using LOA in my practise.  

Even now I manifest, it's more in-built, although many people don't realise they are doing it, they are also doing it incorrectly.  I also incorporate Yoga, meditation, pranayama (Yogic breathing) in my Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness coaching programme.

I also created and launched my "How to Manifest Abundance and Prosperity using The Law of Attraction" course.  I also wrote a book based on certain chapters of my life, from instant relationships, toxic relationships and the menopause. I called it Life, Love and Libido's. Click hereto get it!

 Universal Love Anita x

Are you ready to live a life you have always dreamed of? Let me help you to 'Turn YOUR Life Around' - Anita

Here's Sunita's story.

Hi, I’m Sunita Johal and I had an eventful childhood, even now and so may it continue. At the age of 8, I was already seeing flashes of light and colours around various objects and people, but I wasn’t able to express this to anyone, apart from my twin sister, Anita as I knew that she would understand.

Later on as I was growing up, things got easier as our ‘late’ dad, would give us books, some second hand, yet this opened us up to the other side of what is possible. At age 13, I started to learn about psychotherapy, dreams, symbols, numerology, colour, chakras and ended up with Carl Jung being my all-time favourite psychologist.

During my early 20’s, I would look in the mirror and say out loud, “When I get married, I want to have built in wardrobes to fit all my footwear and clothes, be comfortable financially, travel to different places, get married and have a decent husband who wears snuggly jumpers, ha-ha. I even got involved with making ‘love potions’ by using my Aromatherapy qualification and the potions brought love to various friends and people and with my understanding of spells as a ‘White Witch’ – I soon became a Sorceress as I write my own manifestation spells which are used with the magic of the sun and mother moon and are in my book AWAKEN THE AURA.

After achieving my college qualifications in Fashion/Textile design, then my HND in Printing Studies, I really wanted to pursue my other love, fashion and styling, so I went back to college, but knew that it was going to cost me.
I continued to pursue the dream of becoming a Colour Consultant and this progressed into the entire beauty and holistic arena – I was unemployed at the time and didn’t think about the costs or even how I was going to pay for it, however, I soon found out that being unemployed and on the dole had enabled me to continue with my passion and I received the courses either for FREE or for £10. When I was down to my last penny or pound I took a risk on the lottery and won a lovely sum of money, I felt amazing!

I remember standing on the doorstep of our family home and telling  Anita that we would end up running our own business together, she laughed at me, but unbeknown to me, the universe was at work. During that time, so many opportunities arose in the world of fashion and make-up. It was amazing!!

In my late 20’s, I ended up going out with a lovely guy who wore jumpers at three years later, we got married and yes, the house had built in wardrobes to fit all my clothing and footwear. Everything I said came to life, so how could this be?

However, on the health side of things, during my late 20's rolling into my early 30's, my body was going through its own trauma whilst all the good stuff was happening, so I was trying to balance the good and the not so good. Somehow I had to 'bounce back' with a smile on my face and not get overwhelmed with finding out that I had two forms of Autoimmune dis-ease after finding it hard to shift the weight no matter what and encountering a 'phantom pregnancy'. Over time, my health was slowly coming into order and thankfully I was on the lowest dose of meds and have been able to maintain the dose level through the lifestyle I have lead since then. I also enjoy being a solution finder, in life, we can choose to find 'the gold' or simply dwell on the problem.

At the age of 30, I was comfortable financially, mortgage free and even when I was made redundant in 2005, it never worried me, it gave me a chance to sort out the marital home, decorate, work as a temp and get the conservatory done which came in very handy! After working several jobs, there was one where I gained five pay increases in a year and a promotion before moving on and one day, I looked to the universe and expressed the desire of wanting to have a business with my twin sister and just let the magic go to work – and again, I had no idea of the law of attraction at the time.

Aged 35, Anita and I started our business in health and wellness and oh boy, the conservatory played its part and became our salon and was the right dimension, so it was all good and then my twin came on board soon after as I couldn’t do everything by myself. We still laugh about the day when I said that we would run a business together. During that time, we’d end up following each other into the same companies but in different departments – so something was definitely brewing.

What I didn’t know, but found out later in life, 2011 to be concise is that we are all using the ‘Law of Attraction’ and I did quiz myself into thinking, so everything I had gained in my life was through thought, visualisation and a short vibration but on a high frequency.

Now, I’m in my 40’s, I also had a cancer scare and had to take time out to live life, it’s sad that we take something so harsh to have to change our life around, however, there have been many answers to my intentions and manifestations have become abundant in so many ways!

Come join me so that we can work together and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' - Sunita

How would The Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme benefit you?

We will give you the tools to use in order to gain balance in your life and attract the right people and relationships. You'll start to banish limiting beliefs, 'Renovate YOUR Roaring Resilience' and we will also help you to realise and embrace your self-worth, self-love and self-confidence through exercises and incorporate a work-out and nutrition plan using the NOW prescription.

Check out the modules below!

What do we offer to the professional mid-life woman?

The 12 week The Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme.  

This includes and isn't limited to:
The Discovery call
Understanding the Law of Attraction and how to use it.
- The NOW prescription.
- Practising self-acceptance.
- Methods for manifesting.
- How to 'Renovate YOUR Roaring Resilience'
- Mindset coaching.
- Self-Acceptance and confidence building.
- The Menopause Symptom Strategy (if needed).    

You will receive a 1 x 50 mins FREE Discovery call to see if we can work together, This will be online, once we've established we are suitable an agreement will be emailed to you for you to sign and email back to me along with payment, again reflecting what payment plan we have agreed to.  

You will gain:  

  • Nutrition and exercise guides will be sent over based on the outcome of our Master coaching sessions.  
  • Various Mp3 meditations will be sent to you via email too.

    Here’s a takeaway for you, "It's not about being ready, it's more about you being committed." ARE YOU READY TO INVEST IN YOURSELF? 

“Anita is fun and motivational at the same time, I would not train with anyone else!” - Emily

 “I absolutely love what Anita does and the knowledge she has!” - Lilas

 “I had reservations at the beginning, but Anita is great at what she does”. -Shaheen.

"Hey, so my product arrived yesterday and last night I had the best night sleep in a very long time, thank you for the advice, you are AWESOME."- Nicky.

"Neets is a wonderful coach (The Sacral Lotus Coaching Programme for Women in Midlife) and is great to work with. She's supportive, encouraging, fun, energetic and really inspirational, she has taught me loads of helpful tips with dealing with the menopause, I'd recommend her." *thumbs up* :) Ruth.

Sunita's testimonials can be found HERE 

You will receive a free invitation via e-mail to any webinars we host. You will also receive a "money saver" code for any course that piques your interest.

When you sign up you’ll receive a ‘Welcome’ email detailing your start date and time along with an agreement (please read it carefully) for you to sign and email back and your payment schedule if you have opted for a payment plan.

If and when there are any courses that have been published and they are of interest to you, we will also send you a 'money saver' coupon. You will also be notified via email if there are any webinars you may be interested in.  

Also, V.I.P. access to any other related programmes we may hold during your time with us. We'll also schedule the coaching calls/sessions together.    

Over the 3 months, you will receive 1 x 90 mins coaching calls online each week covering The Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme
Here’s a takeaway for you - "It's not about whether you are ready or not ,you have to ask yourself if you are committed, that's when you'll start to see results."

We have limited spaces on the 3 month cycle so I can concentrate fully and give my undivided attention to you. do jump onboard ASAP.

This coaching programme is different to other programmes as we delve into your environment and work holistically with your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical rooms. We have solutions for you that have been tried and tested with a great outcome.

You’ll have specific 'fun work' you can still access after you have finished your coaching programme in case you need it for reference. You’ll have your confidence back and goals set for your future.

Remember, we're not textbook coaches, but, yes, we're qualified, experienced and we understand what you are going through.

We promise, when you start implementing the strategies we give you, you’ll be the person you thought you would never be, you’ll try things you never had thought of trying and you will be ready to smash your goals. Your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health will have improved and you’ll have a new lease of life. You will ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE, ATTAIN YOUR POWER and CREATE YOUR REALITY! 

The Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme is for you if you want the following...  

  • You want to gain a healthy work/life balance.
  • Be healthy and obtain internal and external happiness.
  • Change your mindset and achieve your goals in life successfully.
  • Gain confidence and feel good in what you do and how you look.
  •  Understand and use the law of attraction to its full potential in order to fulfil your dreams.
  • Start a new relationship with someone if you are single and know your worth and if you have a partner, gain that intimacy you once had, back.
  •  From caterpillar to butterfly, transform you, transform your life.
  •  Love you universally and for others to love you too.
  • Find your life purpose, your life path and your spiritual awakening and the passion will follow.
  • To Renovate YOUR Roaring Resilience after trauma counselling/therapy

    The Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme isn’t for you if:  
  • You want to repeat this year, next year and sit in 'certainty'.
  • You don’t want to put the work in and help yourself.  
  • You think this will not work for you.  
  • You are happy with where you are in life and have no goals.  
  • You’re feeling good about yourself and you don’t need any help. 
  • Suffering with your symptoms is okay with you. 
  • You don’t need the support. 
  • You don't want to see any positive changes. 
  • You don’t want a good relationship with yourself and your partner or attract a new ideal partner or people.    

Remember, you can either stay where you are and carry on suffering as you are, or… you could enrol on The Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme and get full support from us, receive the information you require and guidance along with the tools you require to obtain the results you wanted in order to have a happy and healthy life!

Click here for your FREE 50 min discovery call NOW!

Q: How long is the The Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme for?
A: 3 months.    

Q: Will I be able to extend the programme if I wanted to?  
A: Yes, if you want more support from me on a specific module or two in the programme, or you would like more coaching calls. There will be a fee for an extension.
Q: Is there a payment plan available?  
A: Yes.  Full payment on enrolment.  Two instalment payment plan, the first payment on enrolment, the final balance on the start of the second month.  Three instalment payment plan, the first payment on enrolment, the second payment on the 1st of the second month and the third (final balance) on the 1st of the 3rd month.    

Q: What will happen if I don’t gain the results I want?  
A: As long as you have done the 'fun-work', you should get the results you desire, you are your own guarantee. You have to put the work in to gain the awesome results!    

Q: Can anyone undergo the The Law of Attraction and Women's Wellness Coaching Programme?  
A: The discovery call will confirm if you are suitable for this programme and as long as you are willing to put the work in.    

If you have any other questions, please email: catz@crimsoncatz.com

We are here to help you and ensure you have a smooth journey. If you require any additional information, please email catz@crimsoncatz.com  

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  •  It is important you let us know if you have any dietary requirements or if you are allergic to any specific foods.
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    We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.
   Universal Love  xx
Anita Amarissa and Sunita Johal - Crimson Catz®