The 12 month Spiritual Wellness Group Master Coaching Programme for Women.

Walk your path to Enlightenment!

Meet the Spiritual Wellness Group Master Coaching Programme Coaches, Anita Amarissa and Sunita Johal of Crimson Catz.

Check out Anita and Sunita's own stories below:

Anita Amarissa

Anita is a Spiritual Wellness Master Coach for women who have lost their way in life due to past grief, toxic relationships, drama and lack of life purpose. Struggling to attract abundance, prosperity and their tribe, therefore they are looking to welcome structure in the form of Spiritual Wellness into their life in order to walk their Enchanted path to enlightenment. Anita is the author of Life, Love & Libido's and has over three decades of experience working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, gym instructor, group fitness instructor and nutritionist. Due to Anita's experience with the menopause and qualified in third age, she is a menopause expert, She started to help women who were struggling with it, using her Sacral Lotus coaching programme in person and online. Anita now incorporates the Law of Attraction and mindset work, self-acceptance with education on the menopause including holistic sessions such as Yoga, meditation and Pilates for her coaching clients under the Spiritual Wellness Coaching Programme, and works with corporate business's who have an interest of promoting women's wellness in the workplace.

Anita's Story

Growing up I was into crystals, their meanings and powers of healing, understanding our late dad's 'healing' energy and his 'light working' in order to help others, it all intrigued me. I was also into dowsing, and every Sunday night I would sit on Sunita's bed and she would read my Tarot cards for me. Over time there were elements of certain people controlling me, expecting me to be a 'people pleaser' at their beckoned call and if I refused to adhere to it, there would be hell to pay. From then on I seemed to attract toxic people and some jobs where I would be bullied because I would be a threat to them, athough I did address this and win, it also made me ill not to mentioned so stressed, I had to take time off work.

Over time, I lost my crystals and from then on for whatever reason this led me down a path where I started to have a 'scarcity' mindset all the time, a lack of self-confidence and self-acceptance, I also believed what my parent's would say regarding money and how you would have to work hard in order to obtain it. It also got to a point I was too fearful to buy things, wondering where the next penny was coming from. I also attracted toxic relationships, I never realised I would attract like for like, I never knew there was such a thing as The Law of Attraction!

In 2011 my twin sister mentioned the Law of Attraction, at that time I was in a toxic environment and I had been in the last few years, nothing was changing and I couldn't see a way out. I started to read up on it, and I started to believe in myself and what I could achieve. It took me a while to get my head around it, and where there were opportunities to change my circumstances, I kept stepping back in fear! Within that time, I found I was perimenopausal, and I was struggling. I needed to find a way of managing my symptoms, my G.P. was rubbish so I had to research everything about the menopause. A few years later I qualified in 'Women in 3rd age' and 'Hysterectomy health.

In 2012, we lost our dear Daddakins, a part of me expected it and the other part of me didn't, I realised it was so important to live a healthy lifestyle, however there were so many questions that were unanswered and I lost faith in source, everything was unfair. Why did this happen, why did he go? Could we have saved him? With time, support and and implementing a spiritual wellness' routine, I got through it.

Finally in 2016 I broke free from a toxic person and environment, and it was scary but freeing at the same time, the time in-between. I felt I had lost my identity and purpose even when I would visualise myself getting out of the situation and the conversations that I would have. I also manifested a place to live temporarily, and when I did move, our business soared, my energy had changed, and I also found all of my crystals and they found me!

It wasn't until I qualified as a Meditation Host, I went through an Akashic Records meditation session, I found my soul names. I had two more moves and I kept manifesting, to then find a better place to live, accumulate more money, more opportunities, and I started to coach women who had gone through the same thing. I continued to incorporate Yoga and meditation within my own daily practise as well as teach others. As I work with the moon (La Luna) and nature's energy, I'm also known as a 'Sea Witch'.

In 2018 and with my new found identity and purpose, I chose one of my soul name's for my surname, with this I had no attachment to anyone,  no-one could control me and I could be my authentic self!

In 2020 I self-published my book 'Life, Love & Libido's on Amazon. This book is based on five real-life scenarios I had been through and I'm sure women around the world had also done so too and still are, for example, toxic relationships, a couple coping with the menopause, self-discovery etc.

 In 2021 I created and launched my "How to Manifest Abundance and Prosperity using The Law of Attraction" course which you'll find on our website,!

We were always Spiritually inclined, being Lemurian ‘Blue-Rays’, known as the ‘fixer' of humans and everything else in-between as our ‘late’ dad was an ‘Indigo child’, he was very blatant about being a ‘healer’ and used his energy through his hands to heal others and Sunita also has this ability alongside being a clairaudient and we are both clairsentients.

Sunita Johal

Sunita Johal is an Author, an Eclectic therapist, a Spiritual Wellness Master Coach and for almost three decades has been helping women with Autoimmune dis-ease by balancing their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional rooms with the use of various therapies, some of which include Rapid Neurofascial Reset, Energy work, Hypnotherapy, Psychodynamic Counselling for a therapy and Coaching. She has been able to help doctor's patients along with her own private clients in many ways, one of which includes reducing their medication or simply taking them off their medication altogether.

Sunita's Story

I had an eventful childhood, even now and so may it continue. At the age of 8, I was already seeing flashes of light and colours around various objects and people, but I wasn’t able to express this to anyone, apart from my twin sister, Anita as I knew that she would understand. Later on as I was growing up, things got easier as our ‘late’ dad, would give us books, some second hand, yet this opened us up to the other side of what is possible. At age 13, I started to learn about psychotherapy, dreams, symbols, numerology, colour, chakras and ended up with Carl Jung being my all-time favourite psychologist.

During my early 20’s, I would look in the mirror and say out loud, “When I get married, I want to have built in wardrobes to fit all my footwear and clothes, be comfortable financially, travel to different places, get married and have a decent husband who wears snuggly jumpers, ha-ha. I even got involved with making ‘love potions’ by using my Aromatherapy qualification and the potions brought love to various friends and people and with my understanding of spells as a ‘White Witch’ – I soon became a Sorceress as I write my own manifestation spells which are used with the magic of the sun and mother moon and are in my book AWAKEN THE AURA. After achieving my college qualifications in Fashion/Textile design, then my HND in Printing Studies, I really wanted to pursue my other love, fashion and styling, so I went back to college, but knew that it was going to cost me.

I continued to pursue the dream of becoming a Colour Consultant and this progressed into the entire beauty and holistic arena – I was unemployed at the time and didn’t think about the costs or even how I was going to pay for it, however, I soon found out that being unemployed and on the dole had enabled me to continue with my passion and I received the courses either for FREE or for £10. When I was down to my last penny or pound I took a risk on the lottery and won a lovely sum of money, I felt amazing! I remember standing on the doorstep of our family home and telling Anita that we would end up running our own business together, she laughed at me, but unbeknown to me, the universe was at work. During that time, so many opportunities arose in the world of fashion and make-up. it was amazing!! In my late 20’s, I ended up going out with a lovely guy who wore jumpers at three years later, we got married and yes, the house had built in wardrobes to fit all my clothing and footwear.

Everything I said came to life, so how could this be? However, on the health side of things, during my late 20's rolling into my early 30's, my body was going through its own trauma whilst all the good stuff was happening, so I was trying to balance the good and the not so good. Somehow I had to 'bounce back' with a smile on my face and not get overwhelmed with finding out that I had two forms of Autoimmune dis-ease after finding it hard to shift the weight no matter what and encountering a 'phantom pregnancy'. Over time, my health was slowly coming into order and thankfully I was on the lowest dose of meds and have been able to maintain the dose level through the lifestyle I have lead since then. I also enjoy being a solution finder, in life, we can choose to find 'the gold' or simply dwell on the problem.

At the age of 30, I was comfortable financially, mortgage free and even when I was made redundant in 2005, it never worried me, it gave me a chance to sort out the marital home, decorate, work as a temp and get the conservatory done which came in very handy! After working several jobs, there was one where I gained five pay increases in a year and a promotion before moving on and one day, I looked to the universe and expressed the desire of wanting to have a business with my twin sister and just let the magic go to work – and again, I had no idea of the law of attraction at the time. Aged 35, Anita and I started our business in health and wellness and oh boy, the conservatory played its part and became our salon and was the right dimension, so it was all good and then my twin came on board soon after as I couldn’t do everything by myself. We still laugh about the day when I said that we would run a business together. During that time, we’d end up following each other into the same companies but in different departments – so something was definitely brewing.

What I didn’t know, but found out later in life, 2011 to be concise is that we are all using the ‘Law of Attraction’ and I did quiz myself into thinking, so everything I had gained in my life was through thought, visualisation and a short vibration but on a high frequency. I have experienced ‘Spiritual awakening’s’, enlightenment and Kundalini Shakti awakenings. I have this ‘inner knowing’ ability deep within and you can have this too! Now, I’m in my 40’s, I also had a cancer scare and had to take time out to live life, it’s sad that we take something so harsh to have to change our life around, however, there have been many answers to my intentions and manifestations have become abundant in so many ways!

What is the Spiritual Wellness Group Master Coaching and why is it for you?

The Spritual Wellness Group Master Coaching Programme is a 12 month programme which encompasses 12 pathways to Spiritual Wellness. The programme is open to all women above the age of 18yrs.

Where you are now?

You are here because......

1. You're probably lacking self-belief?
2. You probably keep on attracting toxic people because you don't know how to up your vibration?
3. It could be you're always in a negative mindset, always beating yourself up on it?
4. You may not be attracting abundance and prosperity even though you've been trying to use the Law of Attraction?
5. You have a lack of self-confidence and self-worth?
6. Maybe you're trying to figure out your life's passions and purpose?
7. It could be you're tackling an autoimmune dis-ease or are struggling with the menopause?
8. You are struggling to come to terms of a loss, maybe a relationship, or a passing of someone close to you and even after bereavement counselling, you are still in limbo as to where you're headed and still cannot find peace within?
9. It could be you wanting to enhance your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual rooms?
10. Maybe you are not able to follow your intuition, not being able to know the 'knowing' and are spiritually inclined but you don't know where to start?
11. It could be you're still stressed, anxious or worried due to past traumas, issues in your life?
12. Perhaps you’re on a spiritual journey and sometimes it can be a little stressful and daunting in finding your own way, so why not take a companion with you?  This way you won't feel alone, but instead, let the words guide you as East meets West, using the programme we have put together. You get our guidance and support too without being befuddled.  

Universal love and light Namaste
Anita & Sunita xx

Where you want to be!

  • You're increasing and maintaining your Roaring Resilience! 
  • You're attracting the right people in your life because you're keeping your vibration high.
  • You have accepted yourself as a person, inside and out and carry out a self-love routine on a daily basis.
  • You have forgiven yourself and the past in order to live your best life!
  • You have gained a positive mindset
  • You have found your passions and purpose and are using that to your advantage.
  • You have manifested abundance and prosperity!
  • You have attracted an amazing person to share your life with.
  • You have a healthy lifestyle which also helps any symptoms you may have.
  • You are carrying out a fitness regime that is suitable for you.
  • You have found peace within since any loss you may have had in your life.
  • You have found your 'knowing'.
  • You have created and you're now walking your path to Enlightenment.

Here's a snapshot of what you can expect from the Spiritual Wellness Group Master Coaching Programme in order for you to Walk your Path to Enlightenment.

  • Garnet - Awaken to the spiritual journey. 
  • Amethyst - Spiritual philosophy - the 8 limbs of Yoga 
  • Aquamarine - Why are you here?  
  • Diamond - The Chakras. 
  • Emerald - Inner Connection. 
  • Pearl - Daily meditation - types of meditations and Breath and laughter Yoga. 
  • Ruby - Mindset - REBT - How to be a Warrior and not a Worrier changing beliefs/limiting belief system. 
  • Peridot - Introduction to the Law of Attraction. 
  • Sapphire - Law of Attraction - focussing on relationships. 
  • Opal -  the Laws of Karma and Vibration. 
  • Citrine -Implementing spirituality into your life 
  • Turquoise - Conclusion and life purpose manifesto.

What do you need to do now?
Get ready to walk your path to Enlightenment, click the purple button below and we'll see you on the other side!

The 12 month Spiritual Wellness Group Master Coaching Programme for Women investment:

  • Spiritual Wellness Group Master Coaching Programme
  • £1000

    Usually £11,000 Launch Investment £1,000

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Please check the FAQs for other payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you can answer yes to any of the statements below then this programme is not for you:

I'm happy where I'm at and it doesn't need changing.
I don't want to do the work.
I want a quick fix overnight.
I want to listen but not take part.
I want this as a one to one rather than a group. (Contact us but it won't be the launch investment).
I'm content using my pain as my purpose.

We wouldn't want you missing out so check out payment options below:

The following payment plans are available:
1.Pay the full investment of £1000 via the Spiritual Wellness Group Coaching Programme page.
2.Pay 3 installments of £333.33  - please email
3. Pay via the 12 month option of £83.33 - please email  

Option 2 and 3 we will need to set this up for you. Please email with the option in the title and your contact details in the main body with your full name, NOT your bank or card details and we will contact you!

12 months access.
2 Group coaching sessions a month.
Recordings if you aren't able to attend the coaching sessions.
Support on your journey.
Access to additional material for you to keep.
Access to the Community.

We have tried and tested all the elements along with gaining feedback from our fabulous past and present coaching clients. They put the work in and 'Turned their lives around'. As long as you do the work you will see results.

You will get a replay sent via email. Depending on where everyone is in the world, we will try and ensure that timings will be different each month so everyone gets a fair chance of attending. You also have access to the community so you can chat to everyone and us too.

Yes, but they will have to enrol separately, you can't share the info, there is a disclaimer at the beginning of the programme that states this. If you are found out, we will expect payment or you will be removed.

We ensure you do, even if you are behind, you will have plenty of time to complete any fun work set for you as we mentioned, we will not befuddle you!

For insurance purposes, you will need to be 18+ yrs old when you enrol. 

Please do not enrol if you are unsure and your heart is not 100% committed. You have to ask yourself if you are happy where you are right now and if you're happy staying there this time next year and beyond! We can help you but you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and prepare yourself to go through each step and be willing to accept the good, the bad and the ugly scenarios that you have and maybe are going through in your life. It is only then you can change and start to walk your path to enlightenment.