A FREE 7 day event just for women who want to declutter their lives!

A free on-line event for women who want to declutter their life in order to bring in fresh new opportunites and more!

The FREE 7 day declutter challenge for women!

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Anita Amarissa runs Crimson Catz with her twin sister Sunita Johal, she's a Spiritual Master Coach for women, an expert on the menopause and fitness with over three decades in the Health and Fitness industry. Anita is also a motivational speaker for Women's Wellness.

She's the author of Life, Love and Libido's and course creator of 'How to attract Abundance and Prosperity using the Law of Attraction'.

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When my life changed back in early 2016, it meant I had to clear at least a decade's worth of my stuff. Thankfully my twin sister was at hand to help me for some of it, and the rest I had to do for myself. I only had just under 5 days to do it, so you can imagine it was time consuming and I was also fitting in work which meant late nights sorting and chucking stuff out. 

Why did I need to do this? I had to remove myself from a toxic environment so that was one clear out, the second was my stuff and to then move somewhere else temporarily until I sorted myself out! 

Was I expecting this, well I never thought it would happen, after learning about the Law of Attraction, I started to use the methods back in 2011 but I was never consistent, because my mindset was in a negative state. I was always doubtful, but also I lived in fear. When you live in fear, you know it will stop you from gaining any sort of change.

I was also uncertain for what the future would bring, and staying felt safe within even though it wasn't if that makes sense?  Well I did it, I went and I never looked back. From then every 6 months I would go to the storage facility where most of my stuff would be and grabbing 1 or 2 bags and boxes at a time, I would take them to where I lived and chuck more stuff out, give stuff to charity and also sell some of the good stuff too! 

What I realised was, one of the Laws of Karma was to 'Give and Receive'. Give to others less fortunate and receive help from people where needed!

Also with the 8 limbs of Yoga, Aparigraha (non possessivness) it was a good thing to let go of stuff from the past, things that carried negative energy and things that wouldn't help my mindset!

So here I am and after all those years, although it didn't feel so good at the time, looking back, it was a blessing in disguise. Business got better, I got better, I worked to change my mindset and helped coach other women in the same predicament I was in.

Now, I keep my routine of doing a clear out every 6 months, of things and people that no longer have a purpose in my life, It may sound harsh, but when you put it into perspective, when it comes to people, if they are draining you, making you feel guilty for saying 'no', using emotional blackmail in order to control you, it's time for them to go!!!

When it comes to stuff, one man's junk is another man's treasure! If things are sitting there with no purpose, you're only stifling positive energy coming in. When you remove stale energy, imagine the opportunities that could come knocking, imagine gaining something you've wanted for a while and so on and you're helping others.

With all of the above in mind, my twin sister Sunita and I decided to create a FREE live event for women in order to do this! Sometimes we need a push to get things done. Everything is energy and energy needs to move. 

If you want to be a part of the 7 day declutter challenge click the link below and select 'going'. It is on Friday 8th July 2022 at 7pm for the hour live and the rest will be explained to you.

This event is a taster to what we cover in our 12 month Spiritual Wellness Group Master Coaching programme for Women but we wanted to do this as an online event to show you what you can achieve. We want to hear what you have thrown out, stood up against, gained and so on!

We hope to see you there!

Universal Love and Gratitude

Anita and Sunita xx - Crimson Catz

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