The Eclectic Pain Relief Therapy Programme.

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This programme is ideal for you should you suffer with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges daily and are looking to manage your life for the foreseeable future. 

Perhaps you now suffer with a life changing invisible disability, e.g. fibromyalgia or have an autoimmune dis-ease which is either recent or you have suffered with this for a long time, or maybe you have been told that your health has changed, therefore, this has had an impact on your mindset and given you low or no hope.

Possibly been ridiculed by other people or haven’t the confidence to go out and enjoy your life and perhaps not knowingly suffering with underlying trauma issues. 

Probably sick of continuously going to the doctor’s to be told the same thing, again and again and have felt that you have burdened your friends and family with your constant negativity and have simply had enough.

So, why is now the time for change?

We’re progressing forward with new and varied methods to help us to manage our lifestyle no matter what we’re going through. There are more choices and if medication isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, then perhaps a more holistic route may benefit you alongside medication or without medication if it’s what you choose or are advised by the medical profession.

There are selected therapies and coaching sessions which are designed to meet your needs via the initial assessment you first complete.

Over the 12 sessions, this can be a combination of therapy and coaching or therapy alone. I first tailor the programme for you and if you find that a particular therapy works for you, then I will continue to apply that to the programme.

My past and present client’s say that I have a different approach - it's less clinical and unconventional, but it has been tried and tested - and it works!

However, I strive to give you the best form of treatment or therapy to help aid your mind, body, spirit and soul effectively, so expect your session to last for an hour or one and a half hours. 

You will also have my support throughout the programme, but I expect you to work with me by completing the 'fun work' which is set for you to really reap the rewards.

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I use various therapies to help aid the mind, body, spirit and soul.  They include talking therapy, counselling for a therapy, psychoanalysis (STPP), colour therapy, art for a therapy, advanced Angelic Healing, a specific massage therapy especially formulated for those of you who have fibromyalgia, where remedial stretching and hot stones work via myofascia release. It's gentle and much lighter than a ususal massage. The heat soothes as it works its magic and the therapy can be applied whilst you're on the therapy couch or seated.  

There's also crystal therapy and chakra cleansing/balancing. Soon, I will be adding Reiki and seichem. 

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You do not need to be an artist, nor do you need to be able to draw. Art for a therapy helps you to express your emotions which may be confusing and distressing using various art mediums and it’s very therapeutic. The therapy also helps to foster self-awareness and personal growth.

I specialise in ‘Life counselling’ and investigating how you can improve your life for the long-term using short term psychodynamic psychotherapy (STPP).
My approach is 'alternative' which is what my past and present clients have said and that’s because, even though I have been taught the ‘text book’ method, the methods I apply are less clinical, they’re adapted to you, my client because each and every one of you are unique.

Various breathing techniques are used to ease anxiety, this enables you to re-focus. re-align the energy and to use the breath to speak in a regulated manner. Anxiety has many traits, this includes 'panic attacks', exhaustion, lack of sleep, 'foggy brain', stress, for some, depression, confusion, disorientation and lack of energy to do general things. 

Specialised massage therapy is proven to help reduce depression, anxiety, stress, help to soothe away the pain and I also use COLOUR therapy in ways  to aid your  mind, body, spirit and soul.

Whether you have shut away from using colour in your life or have issues with particular colours, you can be re-introduced to colour to enhance your life and also take away any negative impact which you may have encountered in your past.
Colours have meaning which sometimes isn’t always seen as important, however in this day and age, the theory behind the meanings have become the subject of many in general everyday life and in business too. 

Every day we live our life in the world of colour, it’s how it’s applied and what colours are suitable to your needs which give you the optimum results to your long-term health and goals.


Our mind is always busy with a hundred and one things going on at the same time and this is usually referred to as the ‘monkey mind’.  The meditation sessions I set are varied, for example one may consist of ‘Chakras’, ‘Colour therapy’, ‘Akashic records’, ‘Starseeds’ ‘Law of Attraction’, ‘Happiness’ and so forth. I also use regressive meditation to get to the start of your trauma. 

Chakra Balancing/Cleansing is where I use energy and my charged quartz crystal pendulum to balance and cleanse your chakras. I often find the blockages by simply using my hands to hover first and then find the chakras which need to be re-balanced.

Chakras are our energy system and we have a lot of them, some big and some small. However, I focus on the seven key chakras which consist of the Root (red), which is placed at the base of the spine, the Sacral (orange) which is based in the pelvic area, the Solar plexus (yellow) which is found just above the tummy, the Heart chakra (green), the Throat chakra (blue), the Third eye (indigo) which is between the brows, and the Crown chakra (violet)  above the head. I also include the earth chakra and the soul star chakra during the Angelic Healing session. 

Angelic Healing or Advanced Angelic Healing - Both are extremely powerful and in this session, we work with the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel each rule either the North, East. South and West and in the advanced session we go a little further where we call three more Archangels, Zadkiel, Chamuel and Jophiel and there will be one which you may feel drawn to. The key chakra which will be treated is the heart chakra, which holds emotion, forgiveness, self love, acceptance of love and of course compassion.

I will be working within the Angelic etheric realm and with all therapies, I have no idea how you will feel, but I long to bring you peace with help and guidance from the Archangels and Spirit guides. 

Once you have booked your first appointment, we can arrange the following time and date for the rest of the programme. 

Namaste, sending angelic healing, light and love, Sunita. 

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'Holistically taking care of your mind, body, spirit & soul'. Should you have any queries, please contact Sunita on 07786088126 or email Otherwise, feel free to schedule your appointment by hitting the red button below.