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RAPID Neurofascial Reset
Investment ranges from  £57 - £90 per session
Description: Rapid NR is a new soft tissue movement based, therapeutic technique that addresses the central nervous systems role in alleviating tension and restrictions within muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.  It's also a neuromodulatory method that desensitizes and calms hypersensitivity in the nervous system that causes pain.

The 'Rapid' treatment is ideal for all sports people and even 'desk workers' too, addressing various injuries and physical issues and the treatment is carried out whilst you are still fully clothed. Do enquire if you're unsure, I will see if I can help you.

Rapid NR helps with and isn't limited to: Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, ankle sprains - present & past, low back pain, sciatica, groin pulls, trochanteric bursitis, over pronation, over supination, Morton's Neuroma, knee pain, pelvic pain, arthritic joints, shin splints, headaches, migraines, carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, tennis/golfers elbow, whiplash, TMJ, frozen shoulder, overused muscles & Various nerve entrapment, Thoracic outlet syndrome/Brachial plexus Impingement, cervical kyphosis, knee issues linked to postural problems, vertigo, issues with the hyoid/not being able to swallow, Drop Foot, AKA Peroneal Nerve Injury, nerve entrapment's in the face, mental nerve entrapment, Bell’s Palsy and more. 

Your investment ranges from £75+

Description: Hypnosis is a focused conscious state, and you will be aware at all times. Being in hypnosis, you may feel sleepy, be more relaxed or more alert and depending on the circumstances, it can feel different each time.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state which we can all enter, and, in the session, it could feel like you’re zoning out or even daydreaming.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and it’s a state that you’re in control of.
I am your map reader, and you are the driver. I can tell you where to go but it’s up to you to be in charge of getting you there. We work together.

Six session Hypnotherapy Programme for Stress management and Anxiety management.

Single Hypnotherapy sessions: Performance/Sports performance, Positive mindset, Assertiveness and Confidence.


Psychosexual Therapy
Your investment is £75 p.h.
Description: Your session begins with an initial conversation with you, as an individual or with you and your partner as a couple about your sexually related difficulty, which may be regarding sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual functioning (difficulties with desire, arousal, ejaculation/orgasm, pain or satisfaction), disability or illness.

These are just a few examples I can help you with.

Women and couples are welcome to book an on-line session with Anita Amarissa - Dip.psysextherapy MOC, MSFTR, SHTC.

Art for a Therapy 
Your investment is £30, £60 or £90.

You do not need to be an artist, nor do you need to be able to draw. Art for a therapy helps you to express your emotions which may be confusing and distressing using various art mediums and it’s very therapeutic. The therapy also helps to foster self-awareness and personal growth.

Art for a Therapy is ideal if you find it hard to demonstrate or release your trauma in words. It’s an alternative but it will never push you to be vocal unless you are willing to be. 

Psychodynamic Counselling for a Therapy/Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.
Your investment is £60 p.h.
Description: Psychodynamic counselling for a therapy focuses on the unconscious mind and past experiences and explores their influence on current behaviour. Trauma is also psychological along with physiological and causes impact on the mind and the body. 

My approach is 'alternative'/'unconventional' which is what my past and present clients have said and that’s because, even though I have been taught the ‘text-book’ method, the methods I apply are less clinical, they’re adapted to you, my client because each and every one of you is unique. 

Aromatherapy massage

Investment: from £60

Time: 1 hour

Description: Essential oils are blended into a carrier oil. The oils are chosen according to the wellbeing of the individual.

We also perform a muscle test where we find out which oils your body is craving according to your symptom.  This is then bottled up for you to take home and use after your treatment.


Note: Additional fee for muscle test and product.


Back, neck & shoulder massage (choice of hot/cold stones)

Investment: £30

Time: 30 minutes
Description: Fibrositis commonly known as 'knots' are usually accumulated in these areas due to everyday stress. Intense massage movements reduce the problem, but ongoing treatment may be needed.  

Swedish Massage 

Time: 45 minutes
Description: Swedish massage involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles. 
By relieving muscle tension, Swedish therapy can be both relaxing and energizing.

Your investment for No. 1 & 2 ranges from £30 to £90 and No.3 ranges from £10-£30.

Description: Healing is based upon the principle that the physical body is surrounded by an energy field and when a person becomes unwell physically, emotionally or mentally, the energy field can become unbalanced. Sensitive to energy flow and areas of imbalance, a healer channels energy to help to facilitate the rebalancing of the energy field, which in turn, may help to relieve any physical, mental, or emotional symptoms.  

As with any card reading, please do not take it too seriously, they are to be enjoyed and are always of the positive nature. Please be aware that you may experience 'Spiritual flu/enlightenment after the Angel and Chakra sessions. Also, the choices you make are yours and yours alone. Healing should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.

1) Angel healing therapy - with the use of crystals and intention of connecting with all nine chakras, Archangels, and the Spirit guides, via the 'etheric angelic realm', you may receive answers, pathways, information but always peace.  

2) Chakra balancing/cleansing - we have seven key chakras which can be out of balance from time to time. Imagine them as aligned cogs going round and round in the centre of the body and suddenly one, two or more stop, thus reducing the energy flow and the kundalini serpent just comes to a halt because she can't get through each of the chakras- root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and the crown. It's my job to open them up and let your body regain energy flow/chi and unlock you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

3) Crystal Angel card readings - Sometimes in life we need some clarity, maybe some light shed on a situation or simply an affirmation which can be used to strengthen intentions we put out to the universe. The two card readings I have chosen are based on either asking one question or the three-card reading of the 'past', 'present' and 'future'. 

To book, please go to the 'Schedule your appointment' page and select under 'Eclectic therapies'. Crystal Angel card readings are in the same category under C.A.C.R. and will be carried out virtually through 'Zoom' which I will send you the link to once you have booked.

Reiki, Seichem and the Violet Flame
Your investment is £60 p.h.
You are fully clothed during the duration and we work on the front and the back of your body.

A short half hour treatment is also available, but only the front of your body will be addressed whilst you're seated or laying down.  The 7 key chakras are also addressed as are the several layers around our body which tear over time due to various traumas we encounter during our lifetimes, past and present. Negatives are turned into a positive via the Violet Flame. 

Please understand that the sessions may invoke various emotions, this is normal along with peace and relaxation. You may thereafter encounter 'spiritual enlightenment' - which is equivalent to 'spiritual flu/detox'.

We will be working with five energies.

Reiki (Earth), Sakara (Fire), Sophi-el (Water), Angelic Light (Air). 
The Violet Flame - (Invoked) - Angels of the Violet fire and St. Germaine.All energies work together and with chosen symbols. 

The Etheric Body – First layer.

The Emotional Body – Second layer.
The Mental Body – Third layer.
The Astral Level – Fourth layer.
The Etheric Template Body – Fifth layer.
The Celestial Body – Sixth layer.
The Causal Body or Ketheric template – Seventh Layer.

Your investment is £30, £60 or £90.
Description: Our mind is always busy with a hundred and one things going on at the same time and this is usually referred to as the ‘monkey mind’.  The meditation sessions I set are varied, for example one may consist of ‘Chakras’, ‘Colour therapy’, ‘Akashic records’, ‘Starseeds’ ‘Law of Attraction’, ‘Happiness’ and so forth.

Colour Therapy
Your investment is £30, £60 or £90.
Description: Whether you have shut away from using colour in your life or have issues with particular colours, you can be re-introduced to colour to enhance your life and also take away any negative impact which you may have encountered in your past.
Colours have meaning which sometimes isn’t always seen as important, however in this day and age, the theory behind the meanings have become the subject of many in general everyday life and in business too. 

Every day we live our life in the world of colour, it’s how it’s applied and what colours are suitable to your needs which give you the optimum results to your long-term health and goals.

Laughter Yoga
Your investment starts from £30 for 30 minutes. 

Description: I take you to the 'Sunny Laughter Zone', this is where laughter becomes a great cardio workout even as a complementary therapy.

We sometimes don't get a chance to laugh and whether it's fake or real, this keeps the mind happy and healthy, especially the hippocampus, where the memory and emotions are controlled.

Depression reduces the hippocampus by 20%, but there is good news this area of the brain can increase in size too.

You will find (Laughter Yoga is also listed seperately), Art for a Therapy, Psychodynamic Counselling for a Therapy/STPP, Meditation, Chakra Balancing/Crystal therapy, Angelic Healing, Reiki/Seichem/Violet Flame, Colour therapy under 'Eclectic Therapies'

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