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Perhaps you match one of our client profiles?

You are 30 – 55 years young and work in a high profile un-fulfilling job where you’re stuck. You may have already given up your job, to try and seek your purpose. You may have no kids and if any pets, then it maybe one cat or dog. 

You want to change but you’re  unsure how to go about it.  You don’t believe that you’re fulfilling your purpose, and you question if you’re good enough?  Perhaps your anxiety gets in the way and you feel or are lacking energy to carry on with the late hours at work. You probably dread going into work in the morning and you believe that your HEALTH, LIFESTYLE and having ENERGY is important to you.

Maybe your top three websites are: High end clothes shopping, job sites and anything based on Holidays.

Your top three searches are for a new job in a sunnier climate, info on autoimmune disease, and therapies that can help you.

Your main hang outs are on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
You may subscribe to Business magazines or creative magazines which make up for wanting to be more creative.

There is a probability that you like to spend your money on travel, good food, presents, skincare, therapies, and you possibly looking to undergo counselling and hypnosis if you have suffered trauma which has put her where she is now. You crave lifestyle which you have always wanted, yet don’t know where to start. 

If this is you, and you want to know if we can work together, please book a FREE  no obligation 'Turn YOUR' Life Around Master Coaching call with me, Sunita via the button below or book in for your chosen therapy via the 'Schedule your appointment tab' in the sidebar. 



You are 38-55 years young and work within the private and public sectors from running a business to working in schools/colleges. You may have 1 to 3 kids, they could be step kids and your own. You may also own  1-2 cats or dogs.

Perhaps you worry about your Menopause symptoms, feel stressed about your children’s welfare and your overall health. Losing  weight and being able to control her menopausal symptoms Is really important to you.

Maybe your top  three websites are: NHS, Medical and dietary based.
Your top three searches are for stress relief, menopause, and nutrition.
Your main hang outs are on Facebook Pinterest and Instagram.
You may subscribe to whoever you think can help with your symptoms.

You may enjoy spending your money on products and courses aiming to help you where you are struggling with menopausal symptoms and any autoimmune disease.

If this is you, and you want to know if we can work together, please book a FREE  no obligation ‘Sacral Lotus Coaching Programme for Women in Midlife’ Discovery call with me, Anita via the button below. 

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