Online Personal Training.

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Hi, I'm Anita Amarissa of Crimson Catz. 

I've been a personal trainer for many years now, but since qualifying as a Kettlercise® instructor a few years back, I've found using Kettlebells really effective! I'm offering you the chance to get fit and train using Kettlebells with me on a 121 basis. I can come to you! 
This will consist of 12 sessions booked upfront, pay for 11 sessions and get the 12th free 
Here's why it would work for you: 

It uses Kettlercises's specially formulated B.S.M. method.....our own secret formula to maximising calorie burn – destroying fat super quick! 
It gets results……fast 
It does what it says on the box 
It melts fat 
It redefines your abs 
It increases lean, toned muscle for a more sculpted appearance 
It’s THE ALL over body transform fat loss and toning program 
It’s the real deal from the UK’s No 1 Kettlebell expert 
It’s already a proven success 
It could take no more than 20 minutes of your day to get the perfect you 
Its safe and effective 
It removes the need for a gym membership 
It destroys the myth that you need heavy weights to get the results you want 
It’s fun 
It covers all levels of fitness beginner to advanced 
It’s step by step clear instruction and hand held coaching through 37 kettlebell exercises 
Kettlercise® covers a huge range of 37 kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques, from high energy pulse raises to being able to place extra emphasis on target muscle groups like abs, glutes, arms and thighs and all with maximum effectiveness.

Kettlercise® totally destroys the myth surrounding kettlebells. Some websites recommend you start with a 20kg kettlebell (sometimes doubled up)!! Totally outrageous if you ask me and is literally an accident waiting to happen. I've read kettlebells being described as ‘brutal’ and effective, you don’t have to train with huge kettlebells for it to be effective and that’s why Kettlercise® IS so effective. Never before has it been sooooooooo much fun to exercise with a kettlebell! 

So if you're looking to get fit, lose weight and learn something new, this is for YOU! 
contact me for details of fees and any other info you require. 

The package also includes a free consultation, when you sign up on the day I will carry out a fitness test. I will also ask you to keep a food diary for a week and from there analyse and give you your own personal food management plan. Please remember, this is for a long term lifestyle change not short term, I promote clean eating, I DO NOT sell you supplements! 

I also incorporate other styles of training inc combat, boxing, toning, HIIT, bootcamp, again depending on your requirements. 

I look forwards to speaking with you soon! 

Take care 

Anita (Neets) 
Crimson Catz 

Contact Anita Amarissa for fees, more info and bookings on 07887937070 or email: