Master Coaching with Anita Amarissa, AICHT, AHFST and
Sunita Johal, FFHT, MICHT, MIFHB, BSYA (Col), Rapid NR (C), Dip. AH. CH. 

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The T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching where we use a completely holistic approach emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, in order to increase your love for life, to transform you, to increase your energy frequency to the universe, to live an abundantly successfullly happy, stress free life and through this programme, you will ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE, ATTAIN YOUR POWER and CREATE YOUR REALITY! 


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The T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y. Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching (which includes the Sacral Lotus Coaching Programme for Women in Midlife), is for you should you wish to live a better life while going through the menopause or/and decrease or rid of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain and 'Turn Your Life Around'. This programme’ covers the following areas:

●   Transformation

●   Eclectic Coaching

●   Mindset (can include Happiness and Confidence)

●   Life Purpose/Life Coaching

●   Autoimmune dis-ease

●   Nutrition 

●   Sacral Lotus Programme for Women in Midlife
●   Universal Law of Attraction 
●   Breathing techniques

●   Yoga laughter and Yoni mastering

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Hey, Celestials!

Do you feel that you’ve lost 'YOU'?

Are you fed up of things not going your way?
Maybe you’re lacking financially?

Potentially lacking energy and feeling lost with no direction?

Probably waited a long time to gain emotional, physical, mental or spiritual help? 
Possibly wanting an exceptionally better lifestyle?  


Where do you want to be?

Picture yourself having a beautifully carefree, abundant life, being the fearless warrior that you truly are, whilst watching your manifestations create a rich life in every way.   

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      You would LOVE:

●     Your manifestations to come alive

●     Your life to be rich

●     Your fears to disappear

●     Your lifestyle to be carefree 

●     Your success

●     Your happiness to come from within

●     Your mind, body, spirit and soul to be energised

●     Your freedom to laugh, breathe and transform your life

●     Your expression and 'you' to be accepted by 'self'

●     Your new journey to be of 'purpose' and 'empowering'.


 Finally, YOU would LIVE to LOVE and LOVE to LIVE!

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The issue is:


Youre living a life that takes you around and around in circles, to the point where even you don’t know your own direction and therefore haven't achieved your goals successfully and are not internally or externally happy.


You are being told this is who you are, and you must conform to their idea of who you should be.


You’re constantly on a downer about everything, including finances.  

You struggle to find solutions to ongoing problems, this is adding to your stress levels.


You think there’s nothing out there that can help you.

You believe that no one knows or has been in your situation.

You’re suffering emotionally, physically, mentally and/or spiritually.

You can’t seem to shake off the negativity and find it hard to be positive.

You find it difficult to let go of your 'Yoni' energy.


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Here’s Anita's story:


Back in 2005 I was in a relationship and not long after we got married, things weren’t quite plain sailing but is anything quite that?!

After a rocky two years of marriage my husband was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. It was a tough time and something I never thought we would have to go through, but there it was staring me in the face. This led to years of walking on egg shells, medication given out left right and centre (for him) and on top of that I was finding bottles of whiskey sitting on the kitchen worktop half or completely empty nearly every week.


It got worse and soon enough I was going out on my own, on holiday I spent more time walking to the beach or shops by myself while he was sitting at the bar. At this point I was more a carer than a wife, trying to understand what he was going through, trying to find solutions, but nothing helped, in time, it just got worse, from then on I would go out by myself to make myself feel better, sometimes I would have to move him to the door just so he would go out and get some air. There came a point over time, when he was becoming verbally abusive, and yes I just took it, he would drink and become angry and, again, he would throw more verbal abuse at me.


Unfortunately, I had no other support apart from my twin sister and you can only do so much ear-bending at any given time. I kept telling myself his need of care, help etc is more important than mine so I smiled and carried on like nothing was happening, well that was my way of blocking it out.
Every night I would dread walking through the front door not knowing what to expect and the stress and fear would run through me. What I thought was my home; just felt it was somewhere to live. I just saw bricks and mortar but still grateful I had a roof over my head.

Due to this I was sucked into the cyclone and I lost who I was, my crystals disappeared on me as I was neglecting them. The energy in the house was dark and I was exhausted.


I pick up on people’s energy and vibration, which as an empath was really hard to shake off. I was dealing with an energy vampire, but also someone who was so toxic, his power would be to put me down and tell me no one would have me but himself, his insecurities would also go into overdrive as well as the verbal abuse.

By mid-August 2010, I was in my late thirties; still plodding along and keeping things together as best as I could, there was a point where I thought I was pregnant but the test came back negative each time. I had put on weight and it wasn’t shifting. I tried to exercise even more than what I was already doing (and I was, and still am a fitness professional so guess how frustrated I felt!). At that time I never realised I was in fact, making it worse for myself.


It got to a point where I had to get loose elastic backed trousers, oh my goodness did they feel good!!!! There was no pressure on my tummy and I could hide my tummy bulge, muffin top or whatever you want to call it under a loose floaty top and my RESCUE trousers/pants. These were my 'GOTO' clothes for nearly three years.


Not only did I have to hide my somewhat unflattering figure, I was struggling with the hot flashes, night sweats oh and the mood swings were coming out of nowhere. I felt so tired all the time. I never realised I was going through the change and I never realised what I was up against!


Moving forwards, it was March 2011. I was just having a chat with my sis as my situation got to a point of desperation and she mentioned the Law of Attraction and how it is a real law, how to add it into my life and how to set my intentions and how I could attract like for like, change my mindset and the list goes on. I was amazed by it, how did I not know about it all this time?! I started to set my goals for success, list what I wanted out of life and started to set my intentions.


Whilst working with LOA, I was now sitting amongst 4 white walls, there was a clinical smell in the air and my name was called. A short woman with mid length dark hair had appeared, her white coat nearly touching her ankles. The consultant told me to follow her to her private room. We sat down to discuss my test results. There were no answers for me and they didn’t want to rule out anything until more tests were done, but I definitely wasn’t pregnant.


I rang my mom up, and I suggested I was perimenopausal but also mentioned the consultant couldn’t confirm it as they’re saying I’m too young”. My mom never had any symptoms; in fact she sailed through it without batting an eyelid! There I was all by myself, I had no one I could chat about it to or gain support from as none of my friends or even my twin sister was going through it at that time.


After numerous tests, medications and appointments; the consultants finally diagnosed me in 2013, three years after the initial visit. I was confirmed as perimenopausal. In between that time, I had horrendous hot flashes, at least 10 a day, I couldn’t focus on my work, I had to stop using my laptop and mobile phone just as I felt a flash coming on.


Every day I was dealing with horrendous hot flashes, and then experiencing a cold rush for a few seconds, until my body temperature regained normality for a brief time. Slowly but surely, my weight started to creep up even more so than before.


I was still teaching exercise classes and personal training but there was no change to how my body looked or felt. Sometimes I wouldn’t know if I was having a hot flash or if it was the exercise that was causing me to sweat.


Over the following year I was still looking like I was 6 months pregnant even when I was exercising! My dress size shot from a size 10 to a size 14, I was still working on my goals, setting and manifesting my intentions and looking out for him, going to work, doing the house chores too.


Depending on how my days were and having to cope with the hot flashes; my mood swings were prominent and my libido...well what libido? It used to be so high; so, when it disappeared, it was a shock to my system. I didn’t know how to react and it was even worse having lost me to the relationship, I wasn’t ‘me’ anymore.


For a few years, I was never in the mood for any kind of intimacy as I knew it would lead to an awkward situation and make my other half feel even more rejected. He didn’t understand it either and I found it hard to explain so that was never really a part of my life anymore.


It always got awkward each time he asked if 'it' was going to happen and each time it was the same answer, 'I don't know' and 'You don't understand what I'm going through'...I could go on about it but I think you got the hang of it!


Then came the brain fog, now if I was pregnant, we'd be calling it baby brain and laugh it off. Well, this wasn't it and I couldn’t remember why I was walking into rooms, where I was leaving my keys, bag and other items.


I would walk into the kitchen for something and forget what it was, so brain fog was interesting and also tiring. Half the time I couldn’t remember what I was talking about or forgot words, so it took a while to catch up in conversation or I’d just forget about it.


Due to this, I also felt older than my age. My skin, hair, physique looked older than me, everything was moving at a rapid pace.  I still couldn’t focus on my work properly.


I also found everything started to irritate and aggravate me. My senses sharpened, so everything sounded louder or smelt more pungent than normal too.


Eventually my doctor gave me a prescription for HRT and later BHRT (Bio identical hormone replacement therapy) as I wasn’t coping with life and these changes within me too well.


2015 was a really dark year, worse than I could have ever imagined. My intentions were becoming real; the universe was giving me chances to leave, but every time I tried, I kept giving in to emotional blackmail and suicide threats, hoping things would get better, listening to his promises like a broken record. There had been two suicide attempts and he did get sectioned and I was still keeping everything together. Other parts of his life started to come to the forefront and I knew I had to go!

In early 2016 I sat in my room with stuff, and I reflected on the past I hadn’t been happy for a long time, there was a time I would be laughing and joking, getting on with things and being more social. Now I was lost! How do I get my happiness back? What were the consequences if I did leave? I then remembered something, when setting your intentions, you don’t need to know how things will happen, it just will!


Now I was on the quest of getting my happiness back and my life back on track, no more putting me on the backburner. I’m a victor not a victim, that day I stood up to him and told him I wasn’t happy and no longer want to be sharing the same space. At first I wasn’t taken seriously and over the next few days, it was slowly sinking in with both parties. My sub consciousness kicked in, telling me not to leave and how was I going to manage, stay because it’s comfortable and everything is set and you’re complacent so just stay here.


That’s when I realised my life purpose was to help those women who were in my predicament or had been and are still trying to heal their trauma and feel worthy whether in a toxic relationship and/or were ready to go through their midlife transformation.


I had a week to pack everything up, my sis helped me, wow, talk about decluttering 10yrs worth of stuff, my goodness did it feel good or what, oh and my crystals came back to me!

I was on new territory and I was nervous, putting my stuff in storage, and some at my sister’s, it had already been agreed I could stay there short term and I had already got my bedroom there too, oh how the Universe works, eh!


Whilst at my sister’s I did a lot of research on-line for  as well as trying out several natural remedies based on women going through the ‘change’, keeping notes on how I felt and looked, and I also did some research into different foods and diets.


I was eliminating foods that reacted badly with my body and the foods and fluids that worked really well.  I decided to ask in certain groups on social media if any women in midlife were taking anything specific on the ‘natural remedy’ front that was helping them whilst they were not on BHRT.


I found there were remedies that worked for some and not others. Some women were going through the change and were taking nothing for it; however there was also a lot of negativity regarding this transition.


Having this negativity also felt it wasn’t doing these women any favours. After noting comments and what women were taking and their feedback, I decided to do more digging.


I compiled the research I found and also checked magazines for subjects such as hormone imbalance, essential oils and their uses, problem pages regarding intimacy and different diets and exercise info.


I started to monitor my flashes, sleeping patterns and how to gain more sleep in my environment, for example, sleep hygiene and I noted what I was eating and drinking before the symptoms came up and how I was feeling on this medication.


I gained qualifications in the following subjects: ‘Pelvic floor core and restore’ foundation workshop, the 3rd age women's wellness coaching cert and Optimal health after hysterectomy cert.


In between those qualifications I qualified in my overall certificate in power plate training and the women’s wellness vibration power plate training, this system covers an exercise programme specifically for women in third age. Using the research, techniques and natural remedies available to me, I learnt how to create a great diet that works with me and also my mid-lifer's as well.


I also created a great workout plan specifically for my mid-lifer's, helped them get their libido back when I got mine back, but it works for all women, getting them to understand their body and how to release their trauma within.


I soon moved out of my sister’s (my healing time) and everything worked out, yes it was scary, and losing one’s identity wasn’t something I was expecting but as soon as I found myself, and it did take time and patience, I was raring to go. I found how I could make myself happy again, why I shouldn’t rely on others to make me happy and it was my happiest time being around positive people and in an uplifting environment.


I transformed my life, achieved my purpose and attained my power gained balance and happiness in my life, reached and created new goals and I’ve also helped my client’s with this too and so much more using the Law of Attraction!!!!!


Are you ready to live a life you have always dreamed of? Let me help you to 'Turn YOUR Life Around' - Anita

Here’s Sunita's story:

Hey Celestials,

I’ve been on quite a journey since I was eight and found out a good few things about myself during that time, but only started to figure things out when I was around 13 years old.  Once I got into my late teens, it all started to make sense.

I would sit on the swing in our garden and see flashes of light and silhouettes in windows and couldn’t figure out why or what it was. Colours were another extraordinary thing for me, as I would often see colours around people and even objects.  When I was 13, I delved into astrology, psychology, chakra balancing, understanding more and more of the mystic arts and connecting with the ‘unknown’ and both my twin sister and I would know who had passed away when we awoke from our sleep.

When I was in my early twenties, I discovered I was a clairsentient/clairaudient, so, I would talk to most things, animals, the other side, angels and if I didn’t like the ‘energy’ of a room or someone who was giving off a nasty vibe, I would feel sick and walk away. This was an ongoing thing; even now I can go into a room and ‘feel’ the type of energy that was there before.

Despite scrimping and saving whatever amount of pocket money was given to me, as a child growing up, I was always visualising how I wanted my life to be and what I wanted in it. My goals were realised and my intentions set. What I hadn’t realised was the Universe was listening and it wasn’t until 2011 I found out about the Law of Attraction (LOA) and it being a real law. I visualised and would ‘feel’ like I had the following:

- A business
- A mortgage free home
- Financial rewards
- Holidays to far away shores
- A husband who wore snuggly jumpers – (yes, strange but true)
- A comfortable and fun lifestyle
- Dream job
- Fitted wardrobes, so I could add all of my clothes and shoes to it and so much more!

Yes! All the things listed became real because I visualised and would ‘feel’ it had already happened and that I already had it in my life from a very early age.

In 2004, my father-in-law passed away from cancer 2 months to the day I got married, I sank into depression. I started to put on too much weight (even with normal eating) so I started to train with a personal trainer. It didn’t matter how much I exercised, no weight shifted.  

I sat by my wardrobe and stared deeply into my pink boots and just couldn’t believe that this was me now, but it wasn’t me at all and I decided that I wanted my happiness back and I was ready to transform into a better me.
I had a chat with my twin sister and several blood tests and doctor appointments later, along with taking health supplements advised by my twin.  I was diagnosed with autoimmue disease which was an underactive thyroid, this explained the weight gain. What a breakthrough! Soon enough, I became fit and healthy once again. Happiness, my mindset and nutrition played a key role in getting back on my feet. 

In January 2016, I felt physically sick but never took it seriously; I thought it would pass.
I found breast lumps and had to get it all checked out. I couldn’t understand how it could possibly be anything drastic, especially with my health being so good, being a fitness instructor and a vegan too!

I was ill for a good few days, like never before. I was bed ridden but I tried to see the positives because that’s what I’m about, practising LOA! I was visualising and had to ‘feel’ I was okay to ensure that I didn’t have the big ‘C’? My husband was worried sick, and my twin sister was concerned about my health and you do get to a point where you’re so sick of being ill and not being able to live a normal life – whatever it may be.

I solely focused on being positive and used the law of attraction and visualisation to get my health back on track and to also gain a ‘clear’ verdict. My body was exhausted. I was so bad, that even the lodging cat came and slept on me, knowing that something was wrong.

I had booked in to my doctor’s surgery to see a nurse, not realising that a doctor had to be present, but I was fortunate that the doctor was available to confirm whether I needed to go for a scan.

Sadly, something wasn’t right, so the doctor had to put in an urgent request for me to see the specialists at the cancer unit in my town. Even though the appointment was only a week away, it felt like a lifetime.

Turning up to a place full of women finding out if they were cancer negative or positive was so surreal; I never once thought I’d be in this situation. Several changing rooms later, feeling exposed, and several female docs checking and double checking me. They finally gave me the all clear, I had small cysts but it wasn’t anything too drastic, however I was told to keep an eye on how my body was feeling and this is an ongoing procedure.

These situations, made me re-evaluate my life and I decided to take some time out in between my work schedule and just enjoyed myself. I took several holidays abroad and rightly so!  

I’ve always been a positive and happy person and when things like this happen, it can easily ‘rock the boat’ – but my unknowing work in the first instance with ‘Universal energy’ amongst other amazing holistic practises (which have been included within T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching) have given me the POWER to achieve my purpose, attain my power and create my reality, and now, I can help you to 'Turn YOUR Life Around' - Sunita.


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How would T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching benefit you?

With this master coaching programme, you will gain more clarity, direction, focus and start your real journey of discovery and of course your will find your true-life path. You will be taken out of your comfort zone to start living the lifestyle you deserve. We will be using various proven techniques to help you to release and ease your mind, body, spirit and soul whilst working with the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional ‘planes’ which have been collecting all the negative energies.  It’s time to remove obstacles, fear less, worry less and stress less!

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Transformation (Life)

We will delve into what you’re looking to change in your life and get to an understanding to why and what has been holding you back.  We will also determine, understand and work on what your goals are. Maybe you have already started but you’ve hit a crossroads and have no idea where to go from here.  Once you have embraced your responsibility, meaning and becoming your own HERO, we will then move onto the next steps in order to TRANSFORM your LIFE and embrace your PURPOSE


Eclectic Coaching

We're fortunate to be able to include subjects which work with helping you to 'Turn YOUR Life Around'.  We have the ability to tailor make your coaching session, so that there is always progression when you work with us. We're all multifaceted and some of you may want to instigate changes in one area of life, or several.  This is where we build you up to be able to continue with developing you and when you leave us, you have the tools for continued growth. 

Mindset (can include Happiness and Confidence)

We work on how to change your subconscious mind, working on the issues and providing a solution, for example working on believing in yourself, taking risks, being confident and having purpose and a vision. Accepting your challenge.

Confidence builds up your resilience, and happiness is 50% genetic, 40% mindset and 10% environmental. Sometimes, it gets lost and it has to be drawn back out again. 


Life Purpose/Life Coaching

We will challenge you to look at your life experiences and see how they have been a driving force in your life so you can see how the puzzle fits together and helps you see your true purpose.


Autoimune dis-ease

Working with various affirmations, whether they're from the Archangel's, part of Alchemy, the Law of Attraction, or from the Spiritual world. These affirmations will empower you in ways that you never thought possible. There are practical affirmations which include using tools on a day to day basis to empower you, to give you insight, to increase your self esteem, your purpose, gain power, self love and so much more.  



With expert nutrition information, you will learn why you crave the foods you do and how it affects your mind and your body and how to improve and maintain your lifestyle long term using good nutriton and exercise.

The Sacral Lotus Programme for Women in Midlife
The Sacral Lotus Coaching Programme for Women in Midlife runs for 12 weeks and is a bespoke programme for the client which not only includes your own nutrition plan but also your own exercise plan as every woman is different. This programme also delves into ways of combating stress, looking at your environment and implementing positive changes long-term! Also what you need to look out for regarding products, heart health, hormones, digestion, sleep and a whole lot more. You will receive one-to-one coaching with Anita, each session is 90 minutes and you will also receive ‘fun work’ to do weekly, so do ensure you are ready to put the work in to make the CHANGES for a better life! 


Universal law of attraction

There are several things that encourage your dreams to become a reality and we will delve more into the law of attraction and how positive affirmations, positive thinking, visualisation, focus, expectations and emotions go hand in hand in order for you ro gain more of what you desire. The Universe is a part of us as we are a part of it. We are all Starseeds and some of you are still waiting to unleash the 'Soulstar' chakra to gain access to the Universal Kingdom.

Breathing techniques

It's not just important to breathe in order to stay alive, in fact it's beneficial for every day things which include singing, talking/public speaking, strengthening the pelvic floor, to gain clarity, to gain calm, peace, to take the step back and look at the bigger picture and also for de-stressing and re-connecting with your energy system. 

Yoga laughter and Yoni mastering!

Laughter is a great cardio workout which helps you to release the endorphines, dopamine and serotonin (the happy hormones). It's said that laughter is the best medicine and YES, it most certainly is. If you are happy most of the time, then, great! But that doesn't mean that you should stop and if you are looking to gain internal happiness, you're in the right place! External happiness only lasts until it gets taken away, but why would you want to dote on external happiness, when internal happiness is forever? 

Laughter also helps to encourage your energy system to harmonise, encouraging the solar plexus, just above your tummy to regain 'happiness' once again. 

Explore mastering your Yoni to release any frustration, pent up tension and enjoy building relationships to take your happiness to the next level. 

You will receive 1 x 50 mins master coaching call, online or in person covering T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching

You will gain:

●     Access to our private Facebook group.

●     Nutrition guides will be sent over based on the outcome of our master coaching calls.

●     Various Mp3 meditations will be sent to you via email too.


Here’s a takeaway for you, "Once you remove your excuses, you will then start to see results".

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“Anita is fun and motivational at the same time, I would not train with anyone else!” - Emily


“I absolutely love what Anita does and the knowledge she has!”  - Lilas


“I had reservations at the beginning, but Anita is great at what she does”. -Shaheen.

"Hey, so my product arrived yesterday and last night I had the best night sleep in a very long time, thank you for the advice, you are AWESOME."- Nicky. 

"Neets is a wonderful coach (The Sacral Lotus Coaching Programme for Women in Midlife) and is great to work with. She's supportive, encouraging, fun, energetic and really inspirational, she has taught me loads of helpful tips with dealing with the menopause, I'd recommend her." *thumbs up* :) Ruth. 

“Sunita, thank you for being the person that finally got me back to the realm of ‘normality’ after 25yrs of depression. I’ve tried counsellors, psychiatrists and anti-depressants, but your approach to helping me ‘heal’ has been amazing and I will be forever grateful.” – Kellie M.

“When I started the sessions with Sunita, I didn’t know if it would be similar to counselling or if it would make a difference.

I realised that if I let go and believed in it, then miracles can happen, and they did. I could not believe the transformation in all areas of my life. I feel energised more than ever and so happy about the future.

I couldn’t recommend this treatment enough, it’s very powerful, (Spiritual mindset/wellness coaching and eclectic pain relief therapy) and I have all the tools now to go higher with my dreams and aspirations. There’s no turning back, onward and upwards – UN-BELIEVEABLE!!”  - Karen D.

More testimonials can me found here.

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When you enrol in this Master coaching programme you will be working with either or both of us, we are your 'Master Coaches'- Anita and me will be taking you through the T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching.

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When you sign up you’ll receive a ‘Welcome’ email detailing your start date and access to your bonuses. I will also add you to our exclusive Facebook group that has been created for our fabulous online clientele.

Also, V.I.P.
access to any other related programmes we may hold during your time with us. We’ll also schedule our coaching calls/sessions together.

Over the 3-12 months, you will receive 1 x 90 mins coaching calls online or in person covering the T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y. Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching.

You will gain:

    Access to our private Facebook group.

    Nutrition guides will be sent over based on the outcome of our coaching calls.

    Mp3 meditations will be sent to you via email too.


Here’s a takeaway for you - "Once you remove your excuses, you will then start to see results".

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We have limited spaces at any 3-12 month cycle so we can concentrate fully and give our undivided attention to you. do jump onboard ASAP.

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This coaching programme is different to other programmes as wer're not just delving into nutrition and exercise, but your environment and holistically, your mental, émotional, spiritual and physical well-being. We have solutions for you that have been tried and tested with a great outcome. You’ll have specific 'fun work' you can access after you have finished your coaching programme in case you need it for reference. You’ll have your confidence back and goals set for your future.  Remember, we're not textbook coaches, yes, we're qualified, experienced and we understand what you are going through. 

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We promise, when you start implementing the strategies we give you, you’ll be the person you thought you would never be, you’ll try things you never had thought of trying and you will be ready to smash your goals. Your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health will have improved and you’ll have a new lease of life. You will ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE, ATTAIN YOUR POWER and CREATE YOUR REALITY! 

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The T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching is for you, if you want to:

●     Be healthy and obtain internal and external happiness.

●     Change your mindset and achieve your goals in life successfully.

●     Gain confidence and feel good in what you do and how you look.

●     Understand and use the law of attraction to its full potential in order to fulfil your dreams.

●     Start a new relationship with someone if you are single and know your worth and if you have a partner, gain that intimacy you once had, back.
●From caterpillar to butterfly, transform you, transform your life.

●  Love you universally and for others to love you too. 

●  Find your life purpose, your life path and your spiritual awakening and the passion will follow. 


The T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching isn’t for you if:

●     You don’t want to put the work in and help yourself.

●     You think this will not work for you.

●     You are happy with where you are in life and have no goals.

●     You’re feeling good about yourself and you don’t need any help.

●     Suffering with your symptoms is okay with you.

●     You don’t need the support.
●     You don't want to see any positive changes.

●     You don’t want a good relationship with yourself and your partner.


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Remember, you can either stay where you are and carry on suffering as you are.

Or…. you could enrol on our T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching and get full support from us, receive the information you require and guidance along with the tools you require to obtain the results you wanted in order to have a happy and healthy life!


Click here for your FREE 50 min discovery call NOW!

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Q: How long is the T.E.M.L.A.N. S.U.B.Y.  Eclectic Therapies and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master Coaching for?

A: 3-12 months depending on your requirement.


Q: Will I be able to extend the programme if I wanted to?

A: Yes, if you want more support from us on a specific module or two in the programme, or you would like more coaching calls. There will be a fee for an extension.


Q: Is there a payment plan available?

A: Yes.

Full payment on enrolment.

Two instalment payment plan, the first payment on enrolment, the final balance on the start of the second month.

Three instalment payment plan, the first payment on enrolment, the second payment on the 1st of the second month and the third (final balance) on the 1st of the 3rd month.


Q: What will happen if I don’t gain the results I want?

A: As long as you have done the 'funwork', you should get the results you desire, you are your own guarantee. You have to put the work in to gain the awesome results!


Q: Can anyone do this course?

A: The call will confirm if you are suitable for this programme and as long as you are willing to put the work in.


If you have any other questions, please email:

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We are here to help you and ensure you have smooth journey.

If you require any additional information, please email

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●     All payments needs to be completed by the due dates on the agreement policy. If this is not done, the programme will be on hold and you will be liable to pay the full amount in order for it to resume. If you have changed your mind and do not want to carry on whilst taking on the programme, all fees will be your sole responsibility to pay.

●     All trainings will be done online - unless there are eclectic therapies which can only take place in the salon.

●     All bonuses are for your sole use only and cannot be shared or copied for those who are not on the programme.

●     We reserve the right to refuse anyone we feel unsuitable for the programme.

●     Do consult your doctor to ensure you are okay to take on a fitness regime before you enrol on this programme and if you are on any other specific medication.

●     It is important you let us know if you have any dietary requirements or if you are allergic to any specific foods.

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What we collect.

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●      Crimson Catz other information relevant to customer surveys and/or offers

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