Invisible disabilities and Autoimmune disease.

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Should you suffer with invisible disabilities/illness or/and autoimmune disease, you are now able to receive a money off incentive of 40% off your treatment(s). 

In order to gain this incentive, you will require proof that you have any of those listed below, alongside the therapies. 

This can be shown via a doctor's note or newly prescribed medication in your name. Please bring either with you at your first session, or you won't be seen and you will lose your money or pay the full fee.  Please do not abuse the service, it is set up specifically to help those of you who really need our help and our general t's &c's apply. 

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Listed below are the disabilities/illnesses and Autoimmune diseases which are a part of the money saving scheme of 40% off the noted therapies which will help you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Fibromyalgia -
Eclectic pain relief therapy programme or individual sessions of talking therapy, hot stone myofascial massage therapy and meditation. Mindset master coaching must be booked as a 12 week programme. Reiki/Seichem is also recommended. 

Chronic fatigue/ME - 
Eclectic pain relief therapy programme or individual sessions hot stone myofascial massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy, meditation and Reiki/Seichem. 

Chronic myofascial pain -
Hot stone myofascial massage therapy or Swedish massage therapy. 

Multiple Sclerosis -
Hot stone myofascial massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy, aromatherapy, meditation and Reiki/Seichem. 

Rheumatoid arthritis - 
Hot stone myofascial massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy.

Cancer in remission - Crystal therapy/chakra balancing, meditation and Reiki/Seichem. 

Lupus - Swedish massage therapy, meditation and Reiki/Seichem. 

Hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism - Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy/chakra balancing, meditation and Reiki/Seichem.

Body trauma is 'a thing' and those of you who are suffering with any form of trauma, please take a look at our Eclectic Pain Relief Therapy Programme even if it isn't listed against the autoimmune disease or the invisible disability/illness mentioned above and feel free to book your first session and I will then arrange the remaining 12 sessions with you.

Payments for the Eclectic Pain Relief Therapy Programme are accepted in installments too.

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Ladies, please email me or text me, Sunita, your Eclectic Pain Relief Therapist and 'Turn YOUR Life Around' Master coach to get your exclusive 'money saving' code to gain 40% off your chosen therapy/programme or master coaching programme at or send a text to 07786088126. 

Remember to redeem your coupon code.

N.B. Should you be booking any of the 12 week programmes, you can pay in instalments, please get in touch for more info.