Corporate Health and Wellness Sessions

Corporate Health and Wellness Sessions by Crimson Catz.

Crimson Catz are twin sisters, Anita Amarissa and Sunita Johal. We believe in looking after your health and well-being by treating your mind, body, spirit
and soul. Our varied therapies are used for treating and balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Below you will find therapies we deliver in the workplace and their benefits to your employees.

"Healthy employees mean productive employees."
"Your health is your wealth."


Massage Therapy

Clothes do not need to be removed and you can stay in your seat whilst you undergo holistic massage therapy to the upper back, neck and shoulders.

The benefits of massage therapy.

* Decreases muscle knots which relieves         chronic stress on our muscles.
* Relieves/reduces anxiety and depression
* Relaxes the mind and the body
* Increases productivity
* Helps to remove toxins
* Overall improvement of well-being


Our mind is constant and sometimes it just doesn't slow down - this is known as the 'monkey mind' as it continues to chatter to you and is forever busy. So, we use various types of meditation to break down the 'chitter chatter' and re-focus the energy centre (chakras) effectively aiding emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

The benefits of meditation.

* Sleep better, can cure insomnia
* Increases happiness
* No more 'stress eating'
* Reduces stress and pain (emotional, mental and physcial)
* Controls anxiety/relieves depression
* Promotes emotional health
* Creates calm
* Increases success
* Enhances self-awareness
* Lengthens attention span
* May reduce age-related memory loss
* Can generate kindness
* May help fight addictions
* Reconnects spiritual 'self' 

Pure Stretch

After hours of sitting at your desk, your shoulders are completely overloaded with the tensions of the day and your poor hamstrings are begging to be stretched, not to mention your back and all this sitting down isn't doing your flexibility and core strength any good either.

The benefits of Pure Stretch.


Improves flexibility

* Improve posture

* Reduces stress

* Increase blood flow

* Increase productivity

* Fine muscle co-ordination - trip/slip             prevention

* Increase mobility with less pain

* May lower your blood sugar

* Tames tension physically and mentally

* Creates better body alignment

'Sunny Laughs' - Laughter sessions

Why do we take life so seriously? Many studies have demonstrated the diverse benefits that laughter can have on you, physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. The best part is that you can fake it and still get the same benefits.

The benefits of laughter.

Facial feedback triggers brain to release       the chemicals/hormones that cause the       feeling of happiness

* Reduces anxiety, depression, anger and       sadness

* Increases emotional health

* Reduces stress

* Increases an optimistic outlook

* Mood booster

* It's contagious, others will laugh too           which aids their emotional health

* Great cardio workout without hurting           yourself

* Laugh your heart into health

* Even if you have normal blood pressure       lowering it will reduce the risk of strokes     and heart attacks.

* Normalises blood vessels and increases       blood flow 

* Activate T-cells that immediately begin to     help you fight off sickness - cold                 prevention

* Lowers blood sugar levels

* Releases endorphins, which can help           ease chronic pain and make you feel           good all over

* Strengthens core muscles.

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