Complementary therapies
for ladies only.


Aromatherapy massage

Price: from £60

Time: 1 hour

Description: Essential oils are blended into a carrier oil. The oils are chosen according to the wellbeing of the individual.

We also perform a muscle test where we find out which oils your body is craving according to your symptom.  This is then bottled up for you to take home and use after your treatment.


Note: Additional fee for muscle test and product.

Back, neck & shoulder massage (choice of hot/cold stones)

Price: £30

Time: 30 minutes
Description: Fibrositis commonly known as 'knots' are usually accumulated in these areas due to everyday stress. Intense massage movements reduce the problem, but ongoing treatment may be needed.  

AromaStone Massage 
Time: 1 hour
Description: Essential oils are blended into a carrier oil. The oils are chosen according to the well-being of the individual and massaged using salt or basalt stones aiding various emotions and releasing tension in the body.

The salt stones have proven benefits, as follows:
- Purifies the air
- Improves your breathing
- Increases your energy levels
- Reduce your stress and anxiety
- Boost mood
- Reduce risk of allergy and asthma
- Help in sound sleep
- Decrease in electromagnetic radiation.

Colour Therapy

Price: £60

Time: 1hr  

Description: Colour therapy is a fantastic way of releasing aggression, increasing calm, finding out more about you and your surroundings, self-empowerment, energy balancing, enhancing the mind, aiding food control and so much more.  

Laughter Yoga - 'Sunny Laughs' Laughter sessions

Price: £30
Time: 30 mins

Why do we take life so seriously? Many studies have demonstrated the diverse benefits that laughter can have on you, physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. The best part is that you can fake it and still get the same benefits.



Remedial massage with deep tissue massage

Price: £60

Time: 1 hour 
Description: The body's posture is checked and stretched accordingly. Deeper massage techniques are used to help ease tired and achy muscles. arious techniques are used to promote well being and release muscle fatigue, aches and pains. In some cases, there maybe other massage tools and shiatsu movements used to gain the desired effect. 


Swedish massage

Price: £45
Time: 45 minutes

Description: A relaxing massage where basic carrier oils are used throughout the treatment.